Occupational Therapy at Kirton Point Children's Centre

PLAY TIME: Madeleine Wait assists Sophie, Rhys and Nikita with their play time.

PLAY TIME: Madeleine Wait assists Sophie, Rhys and Nikita with their play time.

Kirton Point Children’s Centre is utilising an occupational therapist to encourage positive outcomes for children’s development.

Madeleine Wait will be working at the centre three days per week, supporting staff, children and families.

Occupational Therapy works to support children to participate the best they can in all activities throughout the day.

This may involve strengthening of play skills, fine and gross motor skills, concentration and self-regulation skills.

Instead of working in a therapy setting, Ms Wait will work in a capacity building way to assist staff and families to support these key developmental skills in children.

This will be done across both pre-school and community groups such as playgroup, song time and occasional care.

Ms Wait said she believed the role was exciting as it differed from how other services work locally. 

“In terms of child development, we are working at a prevention level rather than a specialist level,” she said.

“We are aiming to identify children at risk of developmental delay as early as possible, and then support staff and families to assist these children before any specialist intervention is required.

“What is unique about our centre is that we provide support to children from birth, five years of age, not just pre-school, so we really have the opportunity to get in early and work with families.”

The centre’s community development coordinator Sonia Regan said having a health discipline on site complimented the rest of the team and would help support children’s development.

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