Clarkson was wearing shark shield

HOWARD Rodd said Peter Clarkson was definitely wearing a shark shield the day he was attacked by sharks near Perforated Island.

Mr Rodd said Mr Clarkson had attached his shark shield device around his waist before he entered the water at The Lumps at about 3pm on the day he was attacked.

"He had the shark shield and it was the same procedure as we always have," he said.

"Peter never dove without a shark shield, even if it was in five foot of water it was with him."

Mr Rodd said although he knew Mr Clarkson was wearing the shark shield, he did not see him turn it on.

"I didn't see him turn it on," he said.

"We don't play with the bloody things in the boat because they give off a shock sort of.

"I think he changed the battery in the shark shield after he had lunch."

Mr Rodd later said he recovered "little floats" from Mr Clarkson's shark shield from the water's surface while he was circling and looking for the diver after he was attacked.

He said that they were used to float the tail of the Mr Clarkson's shark shield.

n By Kimberlee Meier

Abalone diver Peter Clarkson

Abalone diver Peter Clarkson