Big upset on Thursday night

DIVISION ONE: Huey Rosalia had a four-set win over Jason Regan last week.
DIVISION ONE: Huey Rosalia had a four-set win over Jason Regan last week.

Port Lincoln table tennis

Division one

Croppos 12 (41) def Lions 9 (37)

IN what has to be the upset of the season, Croppos recorded their first win of the year over top side Lions.

Croppos began well with four wins through the first round, including Huey Rosalia, Riki Popovic, Barry Hancock and Kody Rosalia.

Josh Phillips kept Lions in touch with a fine win over Mike Van Doorn in five sets.

Lions responded with four wins of their own through the second round to level the scores at the half way mark while Barry Hancock and Huey Rosalia continued to perform well for Croppos.

Lions edged ahead in the doubles, winning two of the three on offer, and it looked as though they would run away with the night.

Croppos had other ideas though and in an incredible finish won the final four matches of the night, two in five sets. Barry Hancock came from a set down to defeat Sally Kunze and Mark Jesser had one of his best wins of the year in holding out Josh Phillips.

Huey Rosalia put the icing on the cake for Croppos, claiming the belt with a strong four-set win over Jason Regan.

Best: Dodgers: Kevin Westbury and Adam Butterworth; Lions: Jason Regan and Rodney Scharfe.

Tigers 15 (51) def Gladiators 6 (34)

Gladiators struggled to match Tigers' power throughout as they extended their lead at every change.

Tigers notched up four wins in the first round with Julien Poissonner, Brandon Rosalia, Russell Fordham and Reece Fordham all hitting the scoreboard.

It was a carbon copy of the first round in the second, with the same players all recording their second wins for the night.

Tyler Ebert kept some hope alive for Gladiators with a five-set win over Nathan Sincock, however Tigers all but ended the night for Gladiators with two doubles wins, and then put it beyond doubt in the final round of singles with five straight wins and building some handy percentage in the process.

Best: Tigers: Reece Fordham, Russell Fordham and Brandon Rosalia; Gladiators: Rhys Popovic.

Dodgers 11 (44) def Panthers 10 (37)

Dodgers held on from a fast finishing Panthers to take top spot on the ladder for the first time this season.

Nothing separated the two sides through the first round with wins shared at three a piece.

Dodgers took the advantage through the second round with Darren Atkins and Daniel Challinger defeating Aaron Sincock and Ben Southam respectively.

Adam Butterworth edged Dodgers ahead with a straight sets win over Wade Gray. Dodgers extended their lead by a further one in the doubles, but Panthers had hope with Aaron Sincock and Tai Wheadon coming from two sets down to defeat Daniel Challinger and Darren Atkins in five.

Panthers came with a late rush, and it was the contest between Adam Butterworth and Fiona Rosalia that proved critical, with the former sneaking over the line in five sets to hand Dodgers the points.

Best: Dodgers: Adam Butterworth; Panthers: Tai Wheadon.

Division two

Lions 12 (44) def Croppos 9 (36)

Croppos pushed second-placed Lions all the way but it was the three, five setters they lost that could have brought a different result.

The opening round left scores level at three each with Kody Rosalia winning a great match for Croppos over Zoey Fordham in five sets while Nathan Phillips continues to improve, this time defeating Harry Hood in four tight sets and Peter Forrest claimed Kye Sorenson, also in four.

Neither team could break away in the second round as Lance Barnett won a marathon match over Zoey Fordham and Kody Rosalia just had the edge over Nathan Phillips, while for Lions, Shane Harris was a cut above claiming his second single and Sharee Richards celebrated her first win in competition over Kye Sorenson in five long sets.

Croppos claimed the first double before Lions grabbed the next two for a slender lead.

Croppos were first to score in the final round as Kye Sorenson defeated Sharon Phillips and Karina White came from behind to win over Sharee Richards in five to take the lead for the first time, but Lions picked up the pace to grab the next four singles for a narrow victory.

Best: Lions: Shane Harris and Peter Forrest; Croppos: Karina White and Kody Rosalia.

Tigers 16 (50) def Gladiators 5 (27)

With everyone coming off a two-week break for the school holidays some players were left in holiday mode and consequently a bit off the pace.

Top of the table Tigers began in fine form, reeling in five wins in the opening round with Christian Fletcher defeating Kane Ingerson in four sets, Bev Atkins just got over the line against Cooper Van Doorn in five sets and Mick Ferrett claimed Bob Gibbes in straight sets.

Sam Dawson was the only scorer for Gladiators.

Tigers kept the pressure on in the second round, winning a further four as Joseph Harris won his second single, Christian Fletcher claimed Cheryl King in four tight sets and Elisa Heath had to work hard to defeat Sam Dawson in five, while Kane Ingerson and Bob Gibbes added much-needed wins for Gladiators.

Doubles have been Tigers' strength this season and they won all three, enough to win the night, but Gladiators did not give up as Sam Dawson defeated Mick Ferrett and Bob Gibbes won over Elisa Heath.

Tigers came home strongly with Bev Atkins winning a marathon match over Cheryl King, Christian Fletcher defeating Cooper Van Doorn and Joseph Harris in hot form over Kane Ingerson in straight sets.

Best: Tigers: Joseph Harris and Christian Fletcher; Gladiators: Bob Gibbes and Sam Dawson.

Panthers 14 (47) def Dodgers 7 (31)

Bottom of the table Panthers claimed just their second win of the season over Dodgers, who remain in fourth place.

Panthers are finally winning those close matches they couldn't earlier in the year with Ernie Bauer over Tyler Ingerson, Ralph Sandford over David Hall in five sets, Niket Jhunjhunwala and Robert Charlton over James Regan and Megan Atkins respectively, while Dodgers' David Sherry claimed Vic Ellul and Max Williams defeated Marie Liddle.

Panthers kept the pressure on in the second round as Ernie Bauer defeated David Hall, Vic Ellul won over Tyler Ingerson and Robert Charlton has improved to defeat Max Williams in five sets.

James Regan and David Sherry scored for Dodgers.

Holding a lead of four, Panthers combined the better in the doubles to win two but James Regan and Megan Atkins added one for Dodgers over Marie Liddle and Robert Charlton.

Dodgers were left with the tough task of winning all remaining matches but began well with James Regan taking Robert Charlton and Megan Atkins winning over Marie Liddle, but from here Panthers stormed home to win the last four as Niket Jhunjhunwala defeated Max Williams in a standout five-set match and Ernie Bauer was too strong for David Sherry.

Best: Panthers: Ernie Bauer and Niket Jhunjhunwala; Dodgers: James Regan and David Sherry.