The argument for a bypass around Port Lincoln raises its head from time to time and has seen a number of unique solutions suggested.

Some have included a bridge across Boston Bay, there was a suggestion that trucks turn off Lincoln Highway to the north of the city and travel through the hills around to the south of Port Lincoln and at one stage there was an idea that included a road adjacent the foreshore.

The need for a bypass has been driven (excuse the pun) by people’s annoyance at trucks coming in and out of Port Lincoln.

And the problem people have tends to be mostly during summer when the grain trucks are coming in and out.

Car driver frustration levels rise when they are held up behind road trains or even semi trailers as they traverse Port Lincoln’s streets.

People get annoyed because they are made late or inconvenienced.

They duck in and out of the front of these large trucks and the truck drivers are constantly on edge waiting for someone to try and get in front.

It can be seen at roundabouts and anywhere there are dual lanes.

The Times had one truck driver ask us to run a series of stories about the potential danger to life posed by people in cars pulling in front of trucks. 

The reason we have trucks coming through the centre of town is that in their wisdom, whether right or wrong, civic leaders about 60 years ago decided Port Lincoln was the best to have a major port facility for the region’s grain.

There was another site - Cape Hardy - to the south of Port Neill (the same Cape Hardy Iron Road is interested in exporting iron ore from) that was also in the running but Port Lincoln won, however planning for the future as far as roads were concerned never took place.

And like it or not we are stuck with the silos and unless someone spends billions on another rail system, we will be stuck with the trucks that come in and out, which, when one stops and thinks about it, aren’t all that much of a problem.

They carry a lot of income into our region and like people in larger cities, we may have to just allow a bit more time to get where we’re going. We’re talking a few minutes too, this is Port Lincoln after all, not Sydney.

The truck drivers are professionals who are often much maligned for just doing an important job.