Insight: Peter Treloar, Member for Flinders

Insight: Peter Treloar, Member for Flinders

Digital Journalist Joanne Fosdike spoke with Member for Flinders Peter Treloar. Mr Treloar is re-contesting his seat at the 2014 state election and is a member of the Liberal Party.

Mr Treloar was elected in 2010, succeeding from Liberal member Liz Penfold. He grew up in Cummins on the Eyre Peninsula and shares his time between his Port Lincoln and Ceduna offices.

I think I sometimes despair about the lack of positive coverage for this region. Our best attributes are the people that live in Flinders.

There are so many people doing good things here and just going about their business, working hard, and we don't see it.

I feel I've worked hard and represented the people of Flinders ably for the past four years and I look forward to the opportunity of doing it from the position of Government.

I grew up in Cummins on the Eyre Peninsula in the electorate of Flinders and I think being born and bred in the electorate gives me an insight and the best understanding of the area that I could get.

I've always tried to be approachable and am happy to meet with people. The electorate of Flinders is almost 1,000 km and I travel throughout it extensively and know it well.

My background is in Agriculture – I was a farmer for 30 years and still live on the farm in Edilillie. As such I have a good understanding of the primary base - community and businesses on which the electorate has been built.

Primarily the issue I will tackle will be water security for the Eyre Peninsula.

We source 80 per cent of our reticulated water from the southern region and it is supplemented from the River Murray. We need these areas looked after so we are looked after.

There is also the ever present issued of roads and I will continue to lobby for more money for them.

The Todd Highway is of particular interest as it runs down the middle of the Eyre Peninsula between Kynecutter and Carclew. There is 100 kilometres of this state highway in very poor condition and has been identified by the RAA as a priority road. 

Other roads people are talking to me about are the roads out west that don't come under council jurisdiction but that of the state. Of course they get little attention because they are a long way from Adelaide.

Another issue is the possible introduction of mining in the electorate. There is exploration happening as they've found primarily iron ore and some graphite. 

The idea of mining has received a mixed reaction but we have to consider the position of increased economic possibilities for the 

It might sound strange but I would like to have done more with social media.

I am just becoming more active with it and found it is a great venue and has great reach. It gives people access to me that would not have been able to contact me in other circumstances.

I am pleased where we are now. We are on Facebook and Twitter now and have created a new website.