10 election facts you may not know | SA Election 2014

Parliament House South Australia. Picture: Bob Mendelsohn
Parliament House South Australia. Picture: Bob Mendelsohn

1. During the South Australian election on March 15, electoral officials will cover an area four times larger than the United Kingdom.

2. 27,000 pencils have been purchased for use at the 2014 South Australian election and 15,080 pencil sharpeners will be deployed to keep them sharp.

3. The use of pencils is not mandatory - you can use a pen to mark your ballot paper if you want. Pencils are only supplied because they don't run out and can easily be stored. 

4. The Australian election requires 4 million ballot papers, 7,000 polling booths and 11,000 cardboard screens.

5. About 80 per cent of voting happens on election day.

6. More than 5,000 people have been employed for election day 2014.

7. Running the South Australian state election involves the largest coordination of people and resources in a single day than any other South Australian event. 

8. In elections held between March 4, 1950 and March 18, 2006 - Liberal won at least 50 percent of the primary vote only once and Labor seven time. 

9.  The most amount of  House of Assembly electorates won by a single party between 1950 and 2010 at a South Australian election was by the Liberals in 1993 with 37 seats. Labor took home the other 10 and no minor parties or independents were elected.

10. Residents of South Australian and Tasmania will all head to the polls on March 15, to vote for their respective next state government.