No result for SA election 

No clear winner has emerged at the end of the South Australian election with key seats still to be decided.

Independent members Geoff Brock (Frome) and Bob Such (Fisher) may hold the key to forming Government.

Labor was one seat shy at the end of election night but with more than 160,000 pre-poll votes left to count the 23 seats leaning to the ALP and the 22 leaning towards Liberal may not be set in stone.

Premier Jay Weatherill said there were too many outstanding votes to be counted to be able to call the election.

He said he planned to woo the Independent members over the next few days in case he needed their help to form government.

Liberal leader Steven Marshall said the electorates of Wright, Mitchell, Elder, and Ashford were still a possibility if the pre-poll favoured Liberal. 

"With 52.5 percent of the two-party preferred vote - that is a clear 5pc margain for the Liberal Party - clearly the people of South Australia want a Liberal government to turn this state around and get South Australia back on track."

A large social media followed the SA Australian election to its unknown end on March 15.

A large social media followed the SA Australian election to its unknown end on March 15.

The two parties were neck-and-neck throughout the night as the counting flowed. Just after 10pm the two men called it quits, knowing it could be days before the outright winner could be determined.

With 61.3 percent of the vote council the Legislative Council looks to be made up four Liberal members, four ALP, one Green, one Family First and one Independent from the Nick Xenophon team.

Legaslative Council newest members:

1. Rob Lucas Liberal Party

2. Russell Wortley Labor Party

3. John Darley Independent

4. John Dawkins Liberal Party

5. Ian Hunter Labor Party

6. Michelle Lensink Liberal Party

7. Tung Ngo Labor Party

8. Andrew McLachlan Liberal Party

9. Mark Parnell Greens

10. Dennis Hood Family First

11. Kyam Maher Labor Party