SA Election | The count continues

South Australians continue to wait for the outcome of the State election.

At 9am on Wednesday morning 23 percent of the 1.14million votes were still waiting to be counted and Independents Geoff Brock and Bob Such were headed back to Adelaide for further talks with the Labor and Liberal leaders.

If the current seat count of Labor 23 and Liberal 22 holds throughout the count, the two Independents will be key to helping form government. A total of 24 seats are needed for a political party to form government.

The extraordinary number of votes cast in the two weeks before the election are holding up the process. More than 320,000 pre-poll and postal votes, representing a third of the total electorate are holding up the count.

On Tuesday afternoon, postal votes were favouring Liberals in the seats where Labor is leading, including a couple of key marginal seats.