Travellers do contribute to towns

We are currently travelling back to Western Australia after being on the road for six months.

We stayed last Friday and Saturday at the camp provided at Tumby Bay for $7.50 a night and read the letter in the Port Lincoln Times by Des Boyce (Thursday, April 1).

I am forwarding you a recent email (see below right) I sent to the council members of Kingston, South East to demonstrate that a majority of older travelling people do contribute to towns' economies when and where such free camps or low cost camps are provided.

In general most also stay in some caravan parks, however like most, I dislike paying huge prices. $40 plus to contribute towards the cost of bouncy pillows and all the bells and whistles put in for kids and copious cabins. Is the newly refurbished park at Kirton one of these?

Most of us are self contained and just need power and water and a laundry.

It's interesting to note on our recent travels that some places are creating such RV or Motorhome Parks providing only the basics and the fees are commiserate.

This park at Tumby Bay is a great example. A dump point and rubbish bins and a fenced area for parking for $7.50 a night. We spent money in town for meals and drinks and a paper.

Travellers cash injection

Travellers cash injection

This will continue to be an issue for discussion and yes, some areas will close whilst new ones open up.

We recently stayed at Alford where the towns people beautifully maintain a camp spot where the old school used to be and it's a donation only.

Interesting because the town is dead, with no businesses open. Makes you wonder doesn't it, why they bother?

Our generation will continue to travel and smart councils and businesses will think of ways to attract travellers to get their dollars.

Look up Wikicamps to view the many comments made on the subject. Our numbers are increasing and with increased costs many look to spread their pension dollar further.

You may also consider that the Dandaragan Shire in WA closed all its free camps and we for one, now drive straight through.

Many others we know do the same. Why spend money there? That's the downside of narrow thinking people, like, Des Boyce.

I hope you take my view into account.


Dudle Park, WA