Lucky Bay-Wallaroo ferry to stop

THE Spencer Gulf ferry service between Lucky Bay and Wallaroo is set to stop after poor trading during the past 12 months.

The Spencer Gulf ferry service between Lucky Bay and Wallaroo will stop after poor trading.

The Spencer Gulf ferry service between Lucky Bay and Wallaroo will stop after poor trading.

Sea SA has announced a "temporary closure" of the Spencer Gulf ferry service "until economic growth signals in tourism and mining activities are evident". 

Aurora V will undertake her last voyage on Sunday, August 31.

Sea SA managing director Stephanie Dawson said the company has had a disappointing past 12 months in tourism traffic as a direct result of the flattening economy in South Australia, however a a new, purpose-built vessel will be introduced to take over the Wallarroo to Lucky Bay ferry service in late 2015.

The company said it was committed to developing the ferry service as the central highway in South Australia, linking the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas, and will seek agreement with the state government on future tourism marketing and heavy vehicle access prior to the new vessel launching.

SeaSA has take 6930 voyages, carried 300,000 passengers and 140,000 vehicles of all shapes and sizes over the past seven years. 

"The support of the travelling public as well as local councils and businesses on both sides is valued, with the company still committed to improving the service into the future," the company said in a statement..

Sea SA has recently started the construction of a more modern Sea Transport design catamaran, which has a larger hull, but reduced passenger capacity to contain crew numbers and ensure the vessel's future viability. 

The new vessel will incorporate full disabled access accommodation on the vehicle deck, without the need for a lift, as well as improved sea-keeping to minimise motion sickness. 

Fully air conditioned passenger facilities, together with a licenced cafe, televisions, children's corral and comfortable seating is also incorporated into this ultra-modern design.

"Major capital expenditure on the harbours and berths at Lucky Bay and Wallaroo will be undertaken during the suspension of the ferry service to improve access for the future recommencement.

"In this regard we will have an active site office at Lucky Bay".