Suspected sea mine in water off Boston Island

THE Department of Defence is investigating a suspected unexploded sea mine in waters off Boston Island.

A Defence spokesperson said South Australia Police had advised that an object classified as a potential item of explosive ordnance, believed to be a sea mine, had been reported.

The object is partially buried and submerged in about 20 metres of water.

An exclusion zone has been established around the site pending the arrival of a Navy Clearance Diving Team.

The public has been advised to stay away from the east side of Boston Island to 500 metres out to sea.

The Clearance Diving Team will identify the object, confirm its location and conduct disposal action as necessary.

“If a member of the public should find a suspicious item that may be unexploded ordnance, do not touch or disturb it,” the spokesperson said.

“The local police should be contacted who will arrange for military experts to attend and dispose of the device.”