Confusion as both sides fight for the same goals

CONFUSION reigned at Cummins on Saturday when both Eyre United and Ramblers began the game thinking they were kicking to the southern end.

For 30 seconds both teams attacked the southern goals and it wasn't until Ramblers' Adam Haarsma marked a forward entry from Eyre United, then turned to line up for goal, that the umpires made the sensible decision to start the game again.

The chuckling could be heard around the ground as the Ramblers players swapped ends and the game was soon underway.

It wasn't long before Adam Haarsma got his chance to kick the first goal of the match - he made no mistake from 40 metres and then two minutes later he repeated the dose with a second goal, this time on the run.

Jordan Telfer had started up forward for the Saints and his shot on goal was marked by Max Baldiserra, who got Eyre United on the board.

Adam Haarsma was having a field day up forward as he cut a swath through a number of Saints and with Usain Bolt like speed, he kicked another classy goal to make it three for the quarter for him.

Besides Haarsma, Jordan Darling was having a great game and the return of Jim Holman was gathering momentum.

Eyre United's Max Baldiserra was providing a strong target up forward while Tynan Hill and Dylan Dunn were doing all they could to keep Eyre United in the game.

As the second quarter got underway the Adam Haarsma show continued to roll on as he weaved some more magic, reminiscent of the great Cyril Rioli, to have the crowd shaking their head in awe as he nailed his fourth goal for the day.

Billy Pilgrim moved forward and provided a good target for the Magpies, kicking two goals for the quarter, while McDonald had kicked three goals by half time.

Late in the quarter the Saints had something to cheer about when Dylan Dunn picked the ball up near the cricket pitch and let fly with a huge torpedo that rolled through for a goal from 70 metres.

But apart from that it was all one-way traffic for the Magpies.

The second half never reached any great heights, although Zac Richardson's mark, bounce and goal was one for the fans to savour.

The Saints battled hard all day but in the end the just didn't have the man power to get the job done.

Better players for them were the Hill boys, Max Baldiserra, Dylan Dunn, Brad Foster and Cody Mason, while Matty Hayman had a good battle with Simon Pedler all day.

For Ramblers, the midfield duo of George Pedler and Scott Blacker just continued to rack up quality possessions all day and their consistency week in, week out cannot be underestimated. Jordy Darling continued his excellent season. Other better players were James Pedler, Billy Pilgrim, Jim Holman and Adam Haarsma with his four early goals.

The Saints have one more chance to get their elusive first win for the season next week, and Ramblers prepare for the first leg of their two-game run against Tumby Bay.

Times Scribe votes: G. Pedler 3, Scott Blacker 2, Jordan Darling 1.