Killer whale kills great white | PHOTOS

A GREAT white shark was attacked and killed at Neptune Islands on Monday by a killer whale that was sighted in a group of five in the area.

The group consisting of two large whales and three smaller ones, considered to be a family, were sighted from the Adventure Bay Charters shark cage boat.

Adventure Bay shark warrior skipper Kym Shepperd said it was rare to see killer whales and great white sharks interact.

He said he was confident the group was only the third recorded occurrence of such an interaction throughout the world.

Mr Shepperd said "it was pretty epic" and the customers in the cage said they could hear the whales communicating underwater.

He said it was likely the adult whales were teaching the younger whales how to kill.

Adventure Bay Charters owner Matt Waller said the interaction was a once in a lifetime experience for the people on board.

"We were tantalisingly close but unfortunately not close enough to see it from the underwater viewing area or the cage," he said.

"As most of the action happens below the surface it is hard to make out from the angle the moment of the kill.

"Customers could definitely hear it going on and the level of communication up to the final blows and the subsided interactions afterwards.

"This is truly a very rare event and the ultimate title fight of the seas, it was certainly a very lucky encounter for those guests on board."

Mr Shepperd said the killer whale killed the shark by biting its pectoral fin and rolling it over, which drowned the shark.

He said the whale then took a bite out of the shark, "had a snack", and moved on.