Eyre Peninsula author launches shark book

NEW RELEASE: Eyre Peninsula author Eric Kotz with his new book The Jawsome Coast. PHOTO: Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie
NEW RELEASE: Eyre Peninsula author Eric Kotz with his new book The Jawsome Coast. PHOTO: Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie

EYRE Peninsula author Eric Kotz will launch his new book The Jawsome Coast at the Tumby Bay Football Clubrooms from 8pm today.

Mr Kotz, who has previously had many of his colourful pieces published in the Port Lincoln Times, self-published his latest offering.

“My previous stories from The Butcher’s Son were well supported by Port Lincoln Times readers,” he said.

“This book is a social ‘history’ of the  great white shark in our southern waters and the impact on our coastal lifestyle, shark research history, the growth of shark tourism and its impacts and controversies.

“It is an easy reading ‘laymen’s guide’ to what has happened and what is currently happening , and not a scientific treatise.”

An ‘invited member’ of the Australian Shark Attack Survivors Support Group, known as The Bite Club, Mr Kotz said part proceeds of book sales would go towards supporting local members of the group.

“The book was not as much fun to write as The Butcher’s Son,  nor could it be described as a labour of love, it was something I just had to write,” he said.

Tonight’s launch will include a Powerpoint presentation which includes historical articles, including some from the Times.

Mr Kotz also plans to launch the Jawsome Coast in Port Lincoln, but a date and venue have yet to be confirmed.

People wanting to order copies of the book can call Eric Kotz on 0408 013 173. 

Book extract: The early days:

SOUTH Australia... has always been known world-wide until recently as the “home of the white pointer shark”. That reputation was established very early, even pre- World War II, by famous visiting Big Game fishermen; the most notable, popular American author and game fisherman Zane Grey in the late 1930s. Grey received tremendous publicity and was invited here by the tourism departments of four different States with only WA demurring. As International Game Fishing Association president it was hoped any success he enjoyed here would result in a flood of wealthy millionaire game fishermen to our shores with all associated spending power.