A proud cheapskate

In response to the letter about free camping (Times, October 11), Des Boyce, having travelled extensively throughout Australia in my camper van and being a pensioner who still has the desire and ability to travel I will always choose free camping over caravan parks.

Caravan park fees add up to about $280 per week and a lot more when it is “peak period”. Money is also needed for fuel, gas, food, laundry etc. I also enjoy tours; much can be learnt about the area.

Not every one retires with a grand bank account. 

Unpowered sites are usually about $2, sometimes $5 less than powered sites. 

There is the Winnebago type van with two people on prime site, running an air conditioner, fridge, freezer, bread makers etc. Then there is the single traveller, no power hungry appliances, usually tucked in to a small space paying the same overnight fee. Does this seem fair? 

In RV friendly towns where there are caravan parks, sports grounds are also open to travellers for a small fee. 

I buy drinking water from the supermarket. Service stations gladly allow me to fill my small water tank after buying a full tank of fuel.

The Camp Sites Australia book lists camp sites toilets etc and is highly recommended for the average camper. 

If this enables me to get out and see more of our beautiful country then yes I am a cheapskate and proud.


Port Lincoln