An EP girl's adventures in London

LET me preface this by saying I still think Australia is the best place on earth and the Eyre Peninsula specifically – particularly for me.

But it has to be said, the Brits do some things better.

It pains me to say it, just as it pains me to be a bit political in this forum, but the longer I am here the more I have to acknowledge, Australia is becoming a nanny state.

Considered the frontier, laidback and relaxed, really in political and policy terms, Australia is anything but.

Fortunately the relaxed and laidback nature still shines through and Aussies stand out as favourites, wherever we are in the world.

But the Brits do some things better.

Certainly not barbecues, definitely not coffee and usually not sport, but general day-to-day things are, dare I say it, more relaxed.

This opinion is based on some rather small yet interesting (or so I think) daily examples that are far over policed in our fair land.

Jaywalking just isn’t a thing here.

You cross where and when you need to cross, no waiting for the green man here – unless absolutely necessary.

You park where and when you can park – doesn’t matter if you’re not ‘facing’ the direction of traffic – first in, best dressed.

Water gets as hot as you let it, so much so that the basins in most public amenities come with a warning.

Helmets are a choice, not a requirement, although when bikes are available to rent on every street corner and it always seems like a good idea when inebriated, helmets perhaps should be a requirement.

Speaking of inebriation, dare I say it; I think the Brits are better drinkers.

Or at least, the laws or lack thereof, give them every opportunity to be.

Order a wine and you get asked whether you would like a small, medium or large – large being 250ml.

Three glasses and you’ve had a bottle.

Pints are proper pints and doubles are sometimes a given, not a request.

You can drink on the street and they do so in any weather – it is still one of my favourite sights.

I guess it really just comes down to numbers.

There are far more people here and the responsibility in many respects has been put squarely back on them.

While I’ve said they do these things better, perhaps it’s just different.

And different is why I chose to experience living on the other side of the world.