Port Lincoln softball returns for 2016/17 season

THE committee would like to welcome all the new and previous players to the start of the 2016/17 season.

We kick started the season with a grand final rematch, double plays and home runs.

A grade

Squaws 21 def Road Runners 4

THE new premiership winners Squaws showed Runners how it’s done.

Squaws Alana Jantke had a great day on the plate, only letting Runners score a total of four runs.

Teagan Newman’s two bagger was a highlight.

Squaws had a field day with its batting, safe hitting all round.

Highlights included a three bagger and homer from Jantke and a two bomber home run in true Chrissy Clarke style.

Best at bat: Squaws’ Alana Jantke 4 from 5.

Eagles 9 def Rebels 6

Eagles started strong, scoring five in the opening with a two bagger from Sam Higgins, Sarah Laube’s pitching kept Rebels scoreless to end the first.

Higgins was at it again, smashing a three bagger to right field, Eagles added two more runs to its tally but then kept Rebels silent with tight fielding.

Liza Dela-Cruz pitched beautifully to keep Eagles scoreless in the third.

Rebels then tried to add to its tally, only Meagan Blackwell crossing the plate.

Eagles Koren Jenkins smashed a three bagger and Lara Evans followed with a two base hit to end Eagles’ score at 9.

Rebels added three runs in the fourth before sneaking in a smart thinking double play by Jacinta Packer and Sherie Barker.

Best at bat: Eagles’ Kayla Perry 3 from 4, Lara Evans, 2 from 3.

B grade

Road Runners 17 def Squaws 15

Roadies started strong with two strike outs from Hutchins. 

Tanya Williams was able to sneak a two bagger in. 

Runners had a strong first bat, Elisa Heath with a two bagger, Jemma Schilling hitting a three bagger and Melissa Morton smashing a homer. 

Squaws answered, crossing six runs in the second, with the help of Shyane McDonald’s home run, and shut Roadies down four up, three down style. 

Squaws finished its bat with a homer from Williams, scoring another seven runs to finish with 15. 

Roadies ended the game with safe hits all round to cross seven runs for the win. 

Best at bat; Squaws Tanya Williams 3 from 4, Road Runners Jemma Schilling 3 from 3.

Rebels 10 def Eagles 4

Both teams started strong, no runs were scored until Rebels in the bottom of the second. 

Smart batting helped the side get through its line-up. 

The game plateaued until Eagles’ Alkira Saunders smashed a home run out the right field. 

Rebels’ Jacinta Packer responded by crossing the plate. 

Top pitching by both sides, Eagles’ Suzanne Scanlon and Rebel’s Packer both with 5 strike outs. 

Best at bat: Rebels’ Danielle Garner and Jacinta Packer, both with 2 from 4.

Under 16s

Squaws 12 def Road Runners 8

Squaws’ batter Zoe Pratt started the game off with a home run and followed by cutting Roadies’ batting dig short with two strike outs.

JUMP: Ellie Makuch for Eagles makes it home with a jump during junior softball on Saturday. Pictures: Nick Harris

JUMP: Ellie Makuch for Eagles makes it home with a jump during junior softball on Saturday. Pictures: Nick Harris

Runners worked as a team to shut Squaws down and cross two runs during their bat.

Squaws found its winning mojo, smashing four home runs in the third.

Two of these were from Pratt with one each from Livinia Kerley and Lara Patzel.

Runners’ Mia French ended the game with a thrilling home run.

Best at bat: Squaws Zoe Pratt with 3 home runs from 3.

Rebels Shields (RS) 8 def Eagles 2

Both teams are full of new comers this year.

RS’s Holly Shepperd pitched beautifully, assisting in a specky double play, and then hit a home run in the opening inning.

Eagles scored two runs courtesy of Ella Makuch and Billie Jenkins.

Eryn, Lily, Holly and Natalie all scored the plate for RS securing them the win.

Best at bat: Eagles’ Billie Jenkins 2 from 2, RS’ Holly Shepperd 2 from 3.