Customer service in focus at awards night

Richard Horgan at the Port Lincoln Business and Tourism Awards.

Richard Horgan at the Port Lincoln Business and Tourism Awards.

I WAS fortunate enough to attend the launch of next year’s inaugural SALT Festival website launch at Adventure Bay Charters on Thursday night and went home inspired.

Not only was the room full of creative types but the idea behind the concept of ‘salt’ and why the name was chosen for the festival had begun to make sense.

If you haven’t had a chance to check the website out as yet, make sure you do, to find out what it’s all about and get involved.

You don’t need to be particularly arty, but you could very well have a brainwave or a great venue to offer that could be the glue that brings this festival together.

The newly launched website can be found at

Friday evening was the Port Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Tourism’s annual business awards night and wow, what a roomful of deserving people.

As chamber chair Richard Horgan said, the standard of entries in the awards was high.

“As a chamber, we have always tried to play a major role in our business community,” he said.

“There are always winners at our awards, but we are all winners – because you have influenced someone enough to fill out a nomination form for you.

“That is an enormous pat on the back and shows you are doing something right within our business community.

“It’s a massive honour someone has bestowed upon you.”

Guest speaker Anthony Kittel was also inspiring, as winner of the ‘big award’ on the night, Phil Kelly of Coast and Country stated when accepting his own award.

Mr Kittel, whose company Redarc Electronics aims to make $100 million a year in revenue by 2020, said he made a point of knowing the names and birthdays of every one of his employees.

He said his business invested where others didn’t and he paid for staff to go on and do further study.

The idea of Port Lincoln as a city that was known for its great customer service was also something Mr Kittel suggested should be taken up and actively promoted by the chamber and the council.

Port Lincoln is already doing something right but striving that little bit higher and reaching that little bit further never hurt anybody.

Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie, Port Lincoln Times editor