Lock things up to keep thieves out

LOCAL police are urging home owners to check their home security, following a week of break-ins at houses in Port Lincoln last week.

Acting Sergeant Vicky Taylor said police were keen to get the message out to the community to keep their homes and cars locked up, especially at night. 

Sgt Taylor said there were six break-ins in seven days last week, all at night while people were home asleep. 

“Everyone needs to make sure they are locking up at night and putting keys and wallets out of sight,” she said. 

She said if people wanted to leave windows open they should invest in locks or dowels for window frames of sliding windows, to prevent them being opened further.

Sgt Taylor said the community needed to be aware Port Lincoln police worked around the clock and people could call to report things at any time. 

“People need to report it when they see offenders, they tend to wait for office hours.

“We don’t want to take patrols off the street so calls will either be diverted to Whyalla or Adelaide,” she said.

“Everyone needs to get into the habit of reporting things when they see them, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, so we have a better chance of catching offenders.” 

Sgt Taylor said a number of cars were broken into around Christmas. 

“You can’t leave loose change or your purse or bag in the car, people can’t leave their cars unlocked – we need to get into the right habits,” Sgt Taylor said.

Anyone with information on a break-in should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.