220 learning to swim at Cummins

The 2016 Cummins Royal Life Saving Society Learn to Swim program attracted 220 enrolments at the Cummins and Districts Memorial Swimming Pool in the week leading up to Christmas last year.

From parents and babies classes through to Bronze Cross, children from six months to 18 years were taught swimming and safety skills for in and around the water.

There was a team of 14 instructors and assistant instructors to guide the students successfully through the week.

A huge thanks went to the Cummins Swimming Pool Committee and all the canteen helpers and to Roger Laube for the effort they put in to make the facility as good as it is.

The society also thanked the Cummins Kapinnie and Ramblers netball clubs for the use of their shade structures.

Swimmers were taught to remember the Aquacode - Go together, stay afloat and wave and reach to rescue.  

                                                                                                                       Pictured above left are: Back: Amy Crettenden, Robyne May, Kate Blacker, Hannah Pollard, Tess Redden, Makayla Richardson, Selenia Mahoney, Maddy Crettenden, Jordan Secker; front: Nic Constantinopoulus, Kathy Barry-Secker, Tanya Chandler, Sallyann Hill and Ellie Cooper.