Heat, winds, rain on the way for Eyre Peninsula

With hot weather forecast for Thursday, followed by high winds and potentially high rainfall, the South Australian State Emergency Service (SES) is advising people to prepare their homes and families for a variety of potential impacts over the next few days.

Areas of rain and thunderstorms are forecast to develop in the North West Pastoral and West Coast districts during Thursday then extend over the remainder of the agricultural area later on Thursday and early Friday morning.

Falls of 20 to 60mm are forecast over parts of the North West Pastoral, West Coast, Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas, Kangaroo Island, Mid North and the Mount Lofty Ranges including Adelaide. Isolated falls of 60 to 80 mm are possible, most likely over the Mount Lofty Ranges early Friday morning.

SES deputy chief officer Dermot Barry said the combination of heat, high winds and high rainfall may pose significant issues with children on holidays and with homes that are unprepared for this severe weather the state is likely to experience.

“I would urge people to plan ahead to ensure that their gutters are clear and that all loose items around the home are secured,” Mr Barry said.

“It is also a good idea not to park under large trees as they can become unstable in severe weather.

“With the potential again of localised flooding in South Australia, the SES will once again be looking to distribute sandbags to assist residents.”

Mr Barry is also urging South Australians to consider the welfare of those people who are most vulnerable to heat and severe weather such as the elderly, young children and babies and those with certain medical conditions.

“With many thousands of children on holidays, the upcoming severe weather conditions may place many of them at potential risk, parents should be extremely aware of their whereabouts at all times, and if possible keep children inside.”

“Under no circumstances should young children and pets be left in a parked car, even with the windows open and the air conditioner on,” Mr Barry said.

“We strongly advise people against parking their cars under trees in these conditions.

“Trees can suffer heat stress.

“Combined with strong winds, they can drop branches without warning.”

Mr Barry also strongly warned against camping in waterways over the next few days as there was the potential for flash flooding and swollen creeks with the expected rainfall.