Teams warm up for finals

A grade

Road Runners def Shields 27-2

Runners had a warm-up game leading into the finals, hitting safely into the gaps and strong base running.

Shields were not able to match their batting and fielding strength, only crossing two runs for the game.

Batting highlights came from Runners’ Tegan Newman hitting two two-baggers, Ilka Curtis piecing a home run out to centre field and Bronwyn Warland cracking a two-bagger out to left field.

Shields’ Luka Woods smashed a three-base hit out to centre and Zoey Muller had a nice two-bagger out to right field.

Runners’ Jessica Jolly shone in the field pitching two strike outs and three put outs, and Shields’ Dannielle Miegel pitched two strike outs and made two put outs. 

Stacey Smith made four put outs playing first.

Best at bat: Road Runners: Tegan Newman five from five; Shields: Zoey Muller two from two.

Squaws def Eagles 23-3

Squaws showed up to the occasion with each player having at least one safe hit.

Eagles were not able to match it but only had two errors in their field.

Squaws’ Alana Jantke pitched beautifully, having two strike outs and the field backed her up, only having three errors for the game.

Eagles’ Mary McCarthy made five put outs playing first base and Squaws’ Jaclyn Hage, Belinda Reynolds and Jenni-Lee TeWano all made or assisted with four outs each.

Big hits came from Alana Jantke, having a home run and two-bagger, Jaclyn Hage cracking a home run and two double base hits, Tanya Williams smacking two two-baggers and Kimberley Simes piecing out a two-base hit as well.

Best at bat: Squaws: Livinia Kerley four from four; Eagles: Sam Higgins and Mary McCarthy both one from two.

B grade

Road Runners def Shields 22-2

Roadies took advantage of some Tiger errors and managed to pick the gaps in the field for safe hits.

Shields were not able to piece their hits through the green and yellow field, giving Runners the quick outs.

Roadies crossed four in the first and held shields to zip. They then scored their first run to Runners’ eight in the second.

Shields added one more run to their tally and Roadies 10 to give them a convincing win.

Roadies’ Amy O’Leary made six put outs playing first base and Carlie Hutchins pitched three strike outs. 

Shields’ Kira Picken made four put outs at first base, Courtney Balek moved around the field making a total of six put outs.

Best at bat: Road Runners: Elisa Heath four from four; Shields: Courtney Balek two from two.

Squaws def Eagles 6-0

This game was filled with quick and low scoring digs, Squaws only able to cross three runs in the first and three in the fifth dig, keeping Eagles scoreless.

Batting highlights came from Squaws’ Shyane McDonald smashing a home run out to left field and Tiarna Stoetzer pieced a two-bagger out to left.

Squaws’ Lexi Williams made eight put outs playing first base and Tara Welsh pitched seven big strike outs.

Eagles’ Suzanne Scanlon pitched four strike outs and took a catch and catcher Sam Higgins made seven outs.

Best at bat: Squaws: Shyane McDonald two from two; Eagles: Sam Higgins two from three.

Under 16

Road Runners def Rebel Shields 14-7

The strong Runners side showed why they are top of the ladder.

The girls crossed the maximum seven runs in both batting digs.

Rebel Shields tried their best to cross runs but Roadies field prevented more runs.

Runners’ Hannah Valcic shone playing first base making three put outs and two pitching.

Best at bat: Road Runners: Airlie O’Brien and Hannah Valcic both two from two; Rebel Shields: Holly Shepperd two from three.

Squaws def Eagles 8-4

Eagles gave Squaws a run for their money, the original final score was Squaws 11 to Eagles 8 but had to revert back. Both sides pushed each other around the bases, being smart batters and taking walks.

Big hits came from Squaws’ Kimberley Simes cracking a home run out to left field, Livinia Kerley having a two-bagger, as did Tianna Boyce and Tobias Olsen, and Eagles’ Shenice Wells smacking a home run out to left field.

Squaws’ Kimberley Simes pitched four strike outs and made three put outs and Tianna Boyce had a total of six put outs.

Eagles’ Eliza Jacobs pitched one strike out and made three put outs and Kyra McMenemy made three outs playing first base.

Best at bat: Squaws: Tianna Boyce three from three; Eagles: Shenice Wells two from three.


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