Working on Sky Muster fix

IT is hoped major software upgrades to nbn’s Sky Muster satellite service will improve the service, which has been affected by weather and distance since it was launched in May last year. 

The satellite service provides regional and remote customers with cheaper and faster internet but the transition to Sky Muster has not been smooth with customers experiencing unstable internet access. 

To improve delivery and internet speeds, nbn has completed major software upgrades and has increased the number of installers on the ground to speed up installations for those living remotely. 

nbn chief customer officer John Simons said so far Sky Muster had not met anyone’s expectations. 

He said implementation of the custom-designed satellites had been challenging but nbn was continuing to work on improving the service.

Mr Simons said it was frustrating for regional and remote customers to have internet connectivity issues as they often had no alternative and access to connectivity was critical.

“While satellite technology has come a long way, it can be affected by weather and is not immune to the tyranny of distance,” Mr Simons said. 

“That said, we also know that if your service is down, you can’t school your kids, run your farms or do your business online.”

Mr Simons said the results from software upgrade had been positive, showing better network stability and there had also been an increase in connection performance. 

He said although the Sky Muster service was now headed in the right direction there was still more work to do for it to reach its full potential. 

“We are confident that, before long, the network will be reliable and delivering state of the art broadband services to regional Australia,” Mr Simons said.

“While the engineers are focused on the service quality, we are also working with our retail providers and delivery partners to help further improve the installation process.”