Indians sweep Coyotes in all grades

WINNERS: Indians ended Coyotes' undefeated run in the A grade on Friday night.
WINNERS: Indians ended Coyotes' undefeated run in the A grade on Friday night.

A grade

Indians def Coyotes 6-2

COYOTES and Indians faced off Friday night at Ravendale.

K. Bilney was the first to bat for the Tribe and was walked to first before stealing second.

M. Lyons hit to third and with some wild throws and errors helped Bilney cross home plate. Lyons crossed with a hit from Vermuelen to left which was caught for the first out. Syvertsen and Bird were outed with hits to second and short, both thrown to first before they could cross.

Coyotes’ Wilbe was walked however Colbert and Cocks were out at first base. Cocks’ hit brought Wilbe home to score the innings’ only run before Adams was caught by Vermuelen at short stop.

Inglis crossed in the second after a walk to first and field errors after an attempted pick of at second with a wild throw from the pitcher Jantke allowing him to get home.

Bozanic hit safely to right but a K. Bilney hit to centrefield was caught as the last out of the innings.

Coyotes failed to score in the second but Wilbe got home in the third with an attempted pick off at third after Colbert’s hit to third and some fielding errors. Cocks and Adams were the next two outs to finish the dig for the Doggies.

Indians crossed three in the third, these being the last runs for the tribe for the night.

Vermuelen, Syvertsen and Bird came in with errors from pitcher Jantke overthrowing to second in a pick off attempt crossing the last two runners.

Indians were shut down in the fifth by a double play to Wilbe and Jantke. Coyotes had last bat to face Jenkins to catch up the score. Binder was K’2d on three straight strikes.

After two balls, four foul hits and two strikes Wilbe hit to centrefield only to be caught by J Turner, D. Arnell swung on the first throw and was caught at second by Bilney to end the game and Coyotes’ well deserved and brilliant undefeated run.

B grade

Indians def Coyotes 11-7

B. Jantke took the mound for Coyotes as Indians’ first four batters had successful hits before Coyotes got the first out with a force to Dennis off the bat of Jason Regan, followed by Cummings and McCarthy.

Coyotes’ first two runners crossed with Indians making errors in the field and designated hitter G. Jones’s hit to centrefield got them around. Colbert, Arnell and Jones were the only runners who scored.

Bozanic, Jenkins and Moukas came home for Indians in the second with help from a two bag hit from Cummings to left field.

Regan was caught at centrefield and McCarthy was outed with a hit to the pitcher, leaving the total at seven.

Coyotes were kept scoreless in the next two innings with Indians new pitcher Colby Syvertsen K’2ing Sutherland and Delaney with Arnell sending a fly catch to Regan. In the third Pierik and Jones were put out in the third and Valcic was K’2’d.

Indians didn’t score in the third but Dennis, Cummings, McCarthy and Kobelt crossed in the fourth before Regan was caught at shortstop.

Coyotes had a last gasp in the fourth with Sutherland, Delaney, Colbert and Arnell getting home. A big three bag hit from Arnell helped immensely. Pierik was the third out with a centrefield fly caught by James Regan to finish the game.

Under 16s

Indians def Coyotes 16-0

Indians batted first and crossed Dinnison, Syvertsen, S. Bird, Regan, Newman and Drewitt, before the mercy ruled applied.

Callum Binder took the mound for the Doggies and pitched very well but Indians had their eyes set on the ball.

Coyotes failed to score with pitcher Turner throwing heat to get three up, three down.

Indians then crossed seven with a big hit from Turner to centrefield allowing Dinnison and Syvertsen to run home with ease, behind Bird, Newman, Regan and Drewitt.

Coyotes were short a couple of players so Indians loaned them two in Leroy Bird and Campbell O’Brien.

Bird came to bat for Coyotes but was shut down by Turner with a K2. Haines was out with a hit to first and Binder outed with a hit to short stop and a throw to first.

Indians crossed three in the third before Turner was caught at centrefield by Love grove to end the Tribes night on 16.

Coyotes had one more attempt to score with a walk for Olsen and a hit for Lovegrove. With Regan as the new pitcher Stusser, Thompson and Colbert faced up and were put out consecutively with a catch behind the plate, a K2 and a throw out at first from a second base hit.


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