Children need local carers

Centacare Catholic Family Services, Country SA, is encouraging community members interested in foster care to get in touch with its recruitment team and find out exactly what fostering is all about.

Centacare alternative care recruitment and assessment officer Elle Freeman said there was a desperate need for more local foster carers due to the increasing number of children that were coming into care.

“Foster care numbers have been steady in the past, however there has been an increase of children requiring foster care placements,” Ms Freeman said.

“It is important that children can stay within their familiar environment if they - for various reasons - cannot be with their family.”

Ms Freeman said finding foster carers in the local area to care for these children meant they could still have access to familiar interests like sport and remain connected with friends and relatives.

She said foster families provided an extremely valuable community service by creating a safe, supportive environment for children when they needed it and enabling the children, where possible, to be reunited with their families again.

“The aim of fostering is to help a family get through a difficult time,” Ms Freeman said.

“It may be just overnight, for a week, or it may be months.

“In some cases, a child will not be able to return home and will need to be cared for until they become independent.

“Sometimes people don’t think they have the time, or that they are suitable, so they don’t bother enquiring or applying.”

However Ms Freeman encouraged these people to take the time to go along and speak to Centacare’s recruitment team.

Interested people can contact Centacare Catholic Family Services, Country SA alternative care recruitment and assessment officers Elle Freeman or Kylie McGuire on 8683 0733 to make a suitable time to find out more about becoming a foster carer.