Churches to celebrate local schools

LOCAL churches, schools and the wider community will gather on Sunday, February 26 to celebrate the important place schools have in the community. 

Local schools and churches have been invited to participate in the inaugural event at Unity Hill, 63 New West Road at 6.30pm. 

The Port Lincoln Minister’s Association is organising and sponsoring the event and chairman Pastor Rob Schubert of the Lutheran Church said he hoped many people would attend to celebrate the community’s schools.

“We also will be hearing something from our schools about what’s important to them as a community and have an opportunity to pray for and bless our schools.”

The event will also acknowledge pastoral care workers.

Port Lincoln High School, Port Lincoln Special School, Port Lincoln Primary School, Poonindie School, and Lake Wangary Primary School have pastoral support workers in their school community.

Lake Wangary pastoral care worker Naomi Smith said it was a privilege to be able to be there for children and their families supporting them through the ups and downs of life.  

“I feel blessed to be accepted into the school community as an important part of the life of the school.”