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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Let’s not promote hatred

Josette  Didonna may wish for ‘commonsense’ in 2017, but her letter, headed ‘Trump keeping promises’ (Port Lincoln Times, Feb 9) demonstrated little of this. Her lauding of president Trump  is I suspect very premature given his  erratic, scattergun and superficial approach to serious issues that demand more attention than his midnight tweets.

Ms Didonna endorses Trump’s decision to tramp over the rights of citizens and visitors from countries he derides. This attitude is rationalised because Trump is simply tramping over ‘politically correct’ policy which basically means policies you don’t agree with.

What concerns me about the sentiments expressed in her letter is the labelling and derision of groups of people. Does the author or indeed Mr Trump label other diverse groups of people under one heading  as ‘the Christians’ or ‘ the Buddhists’ or whatever?

Free speech is good in theory but should not be used as a vehicle that promotes hatred, intolerance and xenophobia.


Louth Bay

The nobodies

Ever wonder in our new age world why there seems to be a lack of commonsense? Our erratic power supply is a problem waiting to be fixed, surely the money, technology and priority to do so is there. We should have confidence in our state and federal government to make the right choices to benefit all.

To you and I the ideology of the political, corporate, bureaucratic world may seem to be a world away from your lifestyle. Are there too many leaders of nations who are controlled by their egos?

A friend of mind recently said to me: “Wayne, don’t try to be a somebody in this world. Somebodies have an I, Me and Mine mentality. Be a nobody. Nobodies trend the other way; they have a We, Us and Ours way. Inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness”.

I agree with Nick Xenophon that a new gas-fired power station should be built in our state, the emissions from gas are only one half compared to coal. Australia is one of the biggest liquefied natural gas producers in the world. Would it be possible to source our gas from Moomba? Obviously, we need it sooner than later.

Where does the finance come from? For the cost of building one new submarine plus maintenance ($2.5 billion), you could construct a major gas-fired power station. Whyalla would be a good location, plus an upgrade of the Pelican Point Plant.

Do we need to spend $30 billion on submarines? Would they ever fire a shot against a perceived enemy and who would that be? China? No. Indonesia? No. Donald Trump? Maybe! Or possibly New Zealand? I can see it now… The Kiwis have crossed the ditch in their war canoes to invade the Gold Coast. 

Cheers to the nobodies.


Port Lincoln

Hospice congratulations

Congratulations to the Matthew Flinders Home for finally signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation to make the Eyre Peninsula Home Hospice Service a permanent arrangement. And, of course, congratulations must also go to Mike Leech and Liz Penfold for the original concept.

Rural SA has been poorly served in this respect, particularly when authorities like Dr Karen Hitchcock in her 2015 book, ‘Dear Life: On Caring for the Elderly,’ states that despite the vast majority of adult Australians surveyed indicating they wished to die at home, only 14 per cent do, while 50 per cent die in hospitals and 30 per cent in nursing homes.

It is now also comforting to know that any donations made to the hospice service in particular will be directed to it rather than to the foundation in general.


Port Lincoln