New pool accessible for all

STAFF at the Port Lincoln Pool are busy putting the finishing touches on the facility ahead of the opening on Friday.

What had become a rundown facility is now one of the best in the state, according to centre manager Corey Slade. 

Mr Slade said the last week had been busy but everyone was excited to finally have the facility open on Friday. 

He said the improvements at the centre started at the entrance where signs guided members to either the pool or to the new gym. 

Mr Slade said the flow through from the front desk to the kiosk and into the pool was “architecturally beautiful”.

He said the floors had been completely redone and a number of steps had been taken out to put the pools and floor all on one level and improve drainage, which meant the hydrotherapy pool was accessible for the aged and people with disabilities.

“The biggest improvement would have to be the wall that separates the hydro-pool and the 25-metre pool, having the two separate pools means we can better manage water quality and water temperature,” Mr Slade said. 

“That means we can have a warmer temperature in the children’s area and the hydro-pool and a cooler temperature in the bigger pool.”

He said there was also a new hoist for the hydro-pool and the spa making them accessible for all.

Mr Slade said the hydro-pool had also been reconstructed and deepened thanks to support from the Port Lincoln Community Bank. 

He said while there had been a lot of talk in the community that the new facility had no slide, it had been taken apart, refurbished and put back in and there was a new party room.

“In general there is a lot more space around the pool too, we removed the old party room and some old offices and that has opened things right up,” Mr Slade said.  

Mr Slade said in addition to some outdoor showers, the change rooms had been given a complete overhaul.

As well as the men’s and women’s change rooms, there are now change rooms for families, disabled and groups, like school classes. 

Mr Slade said the facility was now on the same level, if not better than pools like the Aquadome in Adelaide. 

“I have been around the state to look at other facilities like this and this is right up there with the best,” Mr Slade said.