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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Taskforce will improve regional lives

I’m so pleased to let you know the Coalition government has a new Regional Australia Ministerial Taskforce chaired by the Prime Minister.

The taskforce will aim to improve the lives of rural, regional and remote Australians. It will come up with ideas across portfolios including health, education, transport and infrastructure, employment, industry and communications.

A cross-portfolio taskforce is the best way to implement good regional policy across multiple portfolios and continue to invest in rural, regional and remote Australia.

The PM’s presence gives it real grunt.

I aim to help build the kinds of sustainable regional communities our children and grandchildren either want to stay in or come back to, and that means thinking well beyond the next election.

I look forward to updating you on the taskforce’s progress over the coming months.


Deputy chairwoman Regional Australia Ministerial Taskforce, Regional Development Minister and Nationals deputy leader

Hot air and nothing to show for it

‘An unexamined life is not worth living.’ ( Socrates 470 BC). However, I believe that a too deep and intense scrutiny can also leads to powerlessness.

Enter 2017 and political correctness where there's an intense focus on others’ behaviour and established laws. Everything has to be dissected, there's no boundary to the depth where some extreme groups will go to impose their views and create a world to their liking. The weirdest, the better. Criminals are not guilty but victims of a harsh environment and an unyielding society. No one take responsibility for his/her action. Lawyers, judges know that if they dig deep and long enough in someone’s childhood, they will find some kind of trauma and be able to shift the blame somewhere else or someone else. Criminals are laughing as they are released on bond. One jailed drug dealer even sued the government complaining that jail's food aggravated his diabetes. Of course, the odds are that the longer one lives trauma is bound to arise.

In Melbourne, some stick figures at traffic lights intersection were changed because it offers a subconscious gender bias. Personally, I only notice whether the lights are green or red. Christian celebrations are to be curtailed because someone, somewhere might get offended. Young children are taught that they might be a boy now but later they could be a girl. I heard it is called gender Z. There's no boy or girl, no ascribed behaviour. I suppose, a bull might be a bull now but it later could be a cow. The mind boggles.

All this compassion, this urge to treat others with respect and consideration does not apply across board. I was shocked to see on TV our ex PM, 77-year-old John Howard, heckled by CFMEU members. Apparently they were protested about the Fair Work commission ruling an independent body created under the Rudd/ Gillard Labor government. Nothing to do with Howard. The right not to offend seems to be applied rather loosely.

This endless scrutiny by extremist groups is creating a dangerous, violent and absurd society. Our Labor state is celebrating 15 years in power. What do we have to show? Anything that could be sold has been sold, we're struggling like mad to keep up with paying the power, water, rates, levies and taxes bills. We are subsidising the windmills and selling all our gas overseas and neglecting to be electricity self sufficient but rely on Victoria and our leaders are too scare to mention nuclear power.

Like the windmills, it is all hot air. We are questioning, dissecting everything and left with nothing.


Port Lincoln