Cummins women tee off

Cummins golf

LAST Wednesday saw the beginning of the Cummins Golf Club ladies season with the Dynamic Stationary Plus 12-Hole Ambrose event.

Club chairman Liz Blacker welcomed Ann Trewartha, Jean Puckridge and Dee Siegert from the Coffin Bay Club, Elaine Pierik from Port Lincoln and new Cummins member Suzanne Lawrie. 

Blacker pinned the 2017 captain’s badge onto Lyn Lemmey-Secker, who in turned pinned the vice captain badge on Fiona Dahlitz before driving the first ball from the first tee block to begin the season.

Ambrose teams of three and four were sent out to the tee blocks to get the day underway.

Conditions on course made for a lot of roll with the ball, often more roll than desired. 

There was a moment of ball confusion on fairway three when a ball rolled down to it from fairway eight.

The warmth of the day may have addled the fairway eight player who could not remember the brand of her ball, which in turn confused the fairway three player. 

With a bit of scratching around the confused player’s ball was found.

Liz Blacker had a spot of millipede rage on the 18th scrape. Her putt was straight as a die and looked to be a sure thing, until it was bumped off course by a millipede.

Joyleen Pedler was spotted jumping for joy on the ninth scrape when her lovely chip on was just shy of the cup. 

Perhaps she was jumping hoping to help the ball to roll over the edge of the cup.

Joan Nelligan held up her end admirably from tee block to cup on the fourth. She even gave her team a birdie for her efforts.

The 12-hole game was deemed the perfect length to have played considering the warmth of the day and the course conditions. 

A delightful afternoon tea was served after the winners had been announced.

Dee Siegert, Janice Wait, Chris Koch and Carmel ‘Chipper’ Sheehan won Dynamic Stationary Plus Open Day with 45/30.9.  An excellent score over the 12 hole game.

The novelty of the day was the second shot on the ninth.

The combination of Tiff Firth’s extra long drive, due to the run of the ball, enabled Liz Blacker to place the second ball neatly on the scrape.

Not to be outdone, Judy Holman, the third player of ‘Team Lady Balls’, with surgeon like precision, placed her ball neatly inside Blacker’s on the scrape, just that little closer to the cup.

Holman then smartly dispatched her ball into that cup for a very sweet birdie.

Tomorrow’s game is a stableford with Chris Hayman and Annie Minhard on tee duty and Leonie Phelps as hostess. Names in by 9.30am and any new prospective players are welcome