Challingers on top for cup

In week two of the Beyond Bank Challenge, Challingers moved to top of the table with their win over Indians.

Challingers def Indians 7-5

Wade Gray, playing off a handicap of five defeated Jay Sorensen (Indians) 31-26, while Joe Perone on handicap of four failed to reach his target going down to Dannen Blacker (Challingers) 29-31.

For Indians, Kody Rosalia pegged his way to victory from a handicap of four over Wade Gray, 31-26 and young Jay Sorensen played the match of his life to get over the line in a tie-break 31-30 to beat Daniel Challinger.

Best: Challingers: Wade Gray and Dannen Blacker; Indians: Kody Rosalia.

Goodies def Rockets 10-2

Goodies climbed into third place with a percentage boosting win.

Ralph Sandford (Goodies) started in fine style winning 31-29 over Jerome Ah-Kit Burgoyne, while Vic Ellul went down to Terry Ison (Rockets) 24-31. In the second half, Rockets’ Wade Heidenreich just missed out in a tie-break 30-31 against Ralph Sandford.

Best: Goodies: Ralph Sandford; Rockets: Terry Ison. 

Underdogs def Souths 7-5

Underdogs maintained fifth place, beating last week’s ladder leaders, Souths.

Souths posted the first two wins with Sally Kunze defeating Max Willams 31-23 from a handicap of four and Jarrod Kalyvas came from a handicap of four to beat Luke DeIsio 31-27.

Underdogs replied through Joseph Harris coming from a handicap of four to defeat Russell Fordham 31-27. Luke DeIsio upset Sally Kunze defeating her 31-28.

Best: Underdogs: Joseph Harris; Souths: Russell Fordham.

Samurais def Postel 7-5

Samurais remained in fourth with their close win over eighth-placed Postel.

In the closest match of the night, just one point separated the two sides.

Peter Southam (Samurais) had to claw his way to victory from a handicap of four over Martin Sheridan 31-27, while for Postel Jason Regan had to overcome a deficit of eleven to defeat Slavko Kolega 31-29.

Postel’s Lana Sheridan played well to win her single over Samurais more experienced Ellen Challinger 31-25 and Leslee Kolega had to come from a handicap of three to defeat Lana Sheridan 31-22.

Best: Samurais: Leslee and Slavko Kolega; Postel: Jason Regan.

Hobbits def The Staggs 7-5

Hobbits leapt from ninth position to sixth, shoving the Staggs down to ninth.

Geoff Nottle (Hobbits) came from a handicap of four to beat Peter Lee 31-20 and Marc Haning played well to defeat Brenton Stagg in a tie-break 31-30 with both on a handicap of five.

Simon Strycharski (the Staggs) had to work hard to defeat Fred Ettridge, passing a deficit of nine to record victory 31-29. In his second single he had to give Shane Harris a 10-point start but clawed his way back 31-26.

Hobbits had the upper hand in the first half but the Staggs matched them in the remaining  games.

Clarissa Barnett combined with Simon Strycharski to beat Fred Ettridge and Shane Harris 31-28.