Lightning stops play

WINNERS: Stableford division one winner Liz Blacker, runner-up Claire Holman and division two winner Tiff Firth. Absent: Tracey Wooley.
WINNERS: Stableford division one winner Liz Blacker, runner-up Claire Holman and division two winner Tiff Firth. Absent: Tracey Wooley.

Mother Nature certainly had something to say last Wednesday at the Cummins Golf Club ladies stableford day.

The morning conditions were quite warm and bright with a sting in the sunshine before the sky became leaden with cloud by midday.

By mid afternoon the sky looked ominous and thunder rolled overhead and a short sharp and very wet downpour of rain dropped onto the fairways.

Chairman Liz Blacker whizzed out onto fairway nine in her shiny steed to save the last group from getting more of their hair wet or themselves fried by lightning. 

They were only two strokes shy of finishing their day.

As it was a stableford event, their score for the last hole could be cancelled without disqualifying themselves for the day.

A quick match committee back at the 19th was held to decide how to best decide the outcome of the day as, by the rule, play was abandoned due to lightning, but only for that last group.

As mentioned, there is a little wiggle room with the stableford rules as far as not finishing a hole.

It was deemed fair by the committee that everyone’s scores on nine were not to be included on their cards so the whole day’s play was not lost and the eclectic scoring could begin for the 2017 season.

There were a few stories floating around the table at the 19th while the outcome of the meeting was waited upon. 

Leah Carr’s extra long drives, due to ball roll because of the course conditions, got her into trouble several times off the fairways.

Leonie Phelps’ ball had a habit of vanishing into thin air, or vanishing in the rough. 

Kathy Modra’s legs looked extra tanned at the end of the day, due to putting on sunblock just before heading out onto the tee block that morning. After getting a little damp in that rain, her dust tan had ran a bit.

The results for the day, after the adjustment to accommodate the cancelling any scores made on nine, was Liz Blacker won division one with 34 points.

Claire Holman collected the runner up Doug Watson’s Menswear ball on 33 points in a tightly contested countback from Kathy Modra and Annie Minhard.

Division two winner Tiff Firth had a splendid day with 38 points and Tracey Wooley won the Doug Watsons Menswear runner up ball with a solid 35 points.

Nearest the pin Forbes Furniture balls winners were, division one Annie Minhard on scrape seven, and Leonie Phelps division two on the fourth. 

The novelty for the day was team with the most stableford points after a mathematical formula was applied. 

Claire Holman and Tracey Wooley won the chocolate bars with 37 points. 

Annie Minhard had a cracker birdie on number four to win her a Birdie Ball.

Tomorrow is the Intersport Stableford game and the first round of the Junice Bache Cup. Rostered on for tee duty are Joyleen Pedler and Carmel Sheehan and hostess is Chris Hayman.

As our intrepid captain Lemmey-Secker would say, “May the course be with you.”