First win for Cougars

Great Flinders football

Ramblers 9-8 (62) lost to Tumby Bay 10-13 (73)

RAMBLERS hosted Tumby Bay in a game with plenty at stake. The winner would go into the top four and the loser would drop out.

Ramblers opened up strongly in the first quarter bagging five goals before Tumby hit the majors.

Kit Williams had three and some silky work by Adam Haarsma and Wes Bilney secured the other two.

Both teams were tackling hard but Tumby was doing the chasing. Good contributions from Mitch Lawrie, Jack Jacobs and Jon Hunt kept them in the contest.

Two late goals to Jackson Murphy and Greg Richardson saw Tumby down by 20 points at the first break.

The second quarter was a slog with only one goal each.

A clever goal by Tom Kelly gave the Blues a lift and Kit Williams had four by half time.

Tysan Mickan, Mitch Dennis, Jessie Rule and Scott Blacker had good first halves for Ramblers.

Nigel James was starting to influence the game around the ground and along with Jordon Hind and Joe Walker the Blues were having a real dip.

Ramblers were 22 points up at the long break and looked the more determined outfit.

Tumby settled well in the third, their defence stood up and their clearances started to hurt the ‘Pies. Their pressure was good around the ground and Ramblers were starting to miss the targets going forward.

A long bomb from Joe Walker gave the Blues a spark, putting on three goals for the term and Ramblers looked rattled, only managing one to Wes Bilney.

The margin was four points in Ramblers favour at the start of the last and Tumby had the momentum, hustling and bustling at all costs, forcing the ball forward. Jack Jacobs had a purple patch and Tumby hit the front with 15 still on the clock. 

Ramblers replied but the Blues were not done yet, hitting back through Jacobs, with a few rushed points and sloppy misses the lead was suddenly over a goal.

Ramblers could not hold the fast finishing and more determined Blues and went down by 11 points.

Ramblers’ Mitch Dennis continued his good form, supported by Jessie Rule, George Pedler and Scott Blacker.

Tumby’s best were Joe Walker, Nigel James and Jordan Hind.

Times scribe votes: Mitch Dennis, 3, Joe Walker, 2, Jack Jacobs, 1.

Lock 9-3 (57)) lost to Cummins Kapinnie 9-10 (64)

​Cummins Kapinnie Cougars defeated Lock Roos by seven points to record their first win for the season.

Both teams had injury woes from the previous week – Hazelgrove a loss in the Cougars’ midfield and Slape a loss in the Roos ruck.

In a low-scoring game, Lock finally found the big sticks after eight minutes of attempts to break through the stiff defence of Freeth, Moroney, Sellen and Green, aided by the height of Konitzka.

T. Heath, Siebert, Dutschke and Pearce were all instrumental in assisting in two consecutive goals with Kelly, Beard and Heath boys defending for the Roos.

A great intercept allowed Wandner to nail the only major for Cougars with Wright making no mistake after high contact to see his team 3-1 to Cougars 1-1 at the first break.

Cougars copped a spray and lifted as instructed. They goaled within 30 seconds and continued on their merry way to add another four while keeping the Roos scoreless for the quarter.

Morton, Reynolds and Brown in the air battled tirelessly but too often were outnumbered at the ball and Cougars always had a man running on.

Their defence totally nullified the Roos forward line and if it was not for the commitment of the Roos defence, Cougars would have kicked another five for the quarter.

At the long break Cougars led 6-4 to Lock 3-1. 

In a reversal of fortune, Cougars were goalless in the third quarter. Dutschke’s lightning reflexes saw him read the ball off hands and soccer a major for Lock with Northcott goaling thanks to the hard work of Wright, Morton and Reynolds.

At the final break there were only two kicks in the game. It was there for the taking at 6-7 to 5-3.

The last quarter opened at a cracking pace with Moroney and Paech kicking truly within four minutes.

A committee meeting saw an enforced rest for a player from each side and the Roos quickly capitalised on Cougars loss of height.

Three consecutive goals (including M. Glover’s first A grade goal) saw the margin dwindle to only four points. Cougars had a run on but could only find the short sticks.

Legs were tiring but Moroney and Kenny combined for a six-pointer.

Morton, Wright and Britza worked the ball to Reynolds in the square who made no mistake.

Another Roo chance from the square went begging as it was kicked out of bounds and Cougars rushed the ball to their forward line for a point.

In one last gasp Cougars brought it back in, though only a minor score and time had run out for the Roos.

Tall Konitzka was the everywhere man for Cougars, Kenny, Wedd, Green and C. and F. Paech leaders in a running Cougar outfit.

Youngsters Siebert and Wright along with Morton and Reynolds ran all day for the Roos with Kelly and Beard winning their key backline positions.

Times scribe votes:  L. Konitzka, 3, Cain Reynolds, 2, Adam Green, 1.

Eagles 17-9 (111) def Saints 11-7 (73)

United Yeelanna come away with a 38-point win over Eyre United at Karkoo and looked a much better side for most of the game.

United Yeelanna had Matt Coombs, Ben Carr, Jack Crettenden, Ricky Skinner, Nick Ridgeway and Adrian Pobke all missing, testing the club’s depth while Saints’ match-winner Malcolm Miller was out.

United Yeelanna started well and the Saints defence was working overtime but when they moved the ball with precision the Saints took full advantage and Henry Breen got a gift from Terry Milera.

Saints’ pressure was immense and skill errors from the Eagles caused many turnovers in the first quarter.

When Tim Kidney eventually found Casey Carr the Eagles managed to wrestle back some momentum.

Eagles combined well with Adam Murnane and Casey Carr winning the ball, resulting in the elusive Kade Dufek kicking a great goal.

Saints onballers Joseph Burgoyne and Anthony Stengel where playing well and they combined with Casey Amos for another goal.

Both sides played a fast, open, play on at all costs style of football.

Eagles lead 5-2 to Saints 4-2 after an entertaining opening quarter.

Eagles upped the pressure and the marking power of the big men started to show as Stephen Crettenden, Casey Carr and Jaxen Norton took control and with Xavier Watson and Brayden Martin getting a heap of the ball they took the game away from the Saints.

Eagles’ field kicking improved and goals from Bryce Breed, Aaron Lawrie and Stephen Crettenden broke the game apart.

Eagles’ pressure was a treat to watch and the tackling from both sides was fierce and ferocious.

Eagles kicked six goals for the quarter and only let the Saints kick one to be 11-5 to 5-5 at half time.

The third quarter was a tight tussle but the Saints could only manage one goal as the Eagles’ defence shut them down. The Eagles extended their lead with three goals.

Stephen Crettenden worked hard to win the footy resulting in a great goal. Saints’ Terry Milera managed their only goal for the quarter and coach Robbie Flavel was not happy with the skill errors coming from his players. Eagles 13-6 to Saints 6-6 at three-quarter time.

The game was all over at three-quarter time but the Saints showed some heart in the last quarter kicking six goals to Eagles’ four. Dufek ran onto a loose ball and kicked an easy goal. Saints goal kickers were Anthony Stengel, Joseph Burgoyne and Kenneth Davey.

Eagles best: Stephen Crettenden, Brayden Martin, Jaxen Norton, Tim Kidney, Xavier Watson and Bryce Breed. Saints best: Joseph Burgoyne, Jordan Telfer, Kenneth Davey, Anthony Stengel, Troy Simpson and Cliff Warrior.

Times scribe votes: Stephen Crettenden, 3, Brayden Martin, 2, Jaxen Norton, 1.