Mum showed us both parenting roles

“Happy Mother’s Day Dad.”

The sentence that rang through the bedroom early Sunday morning was one I had never heard before.

My son Connor then wished my now partner of a year a happy mother’s day, and he soon picked up the phone and called his mum who loves him dearly and spoke for some time.

Wow! My boy was on fire, I was certain he was on a mission to wish every woman and man on earth a Happy Mother’s Day.

It got me thinking, as a Dad who has played a huge role during his life, not to take away from all the wonderful women who have done the same for him, but it made me realise how much my own mum had taught me when times got tough.

I was raised by my mum with my sister from around 12 years old; my parents split, Mum made everything out of nothing.

We were in a rented house, no furniture and Mum, my younger sister and I were cuddled up on the mattress in front of the kerosene heater, I felt safe and loved.

Mum worked hard, very hard, slowly but surely we would get more furniture and eventually were in our own rooms.

We had come a long way from having nothing and somehow through it all she still managed to keep us in our sports and happy as can be. 

Maybe it was the lessons I wasn’t aware I was learning that later readied me to face the same battle when I was in that situation. 

I simply worked hard, kept a smile on my face (most of the time) and did what had to be done.

Connor thanked me on Sunday by saying those words, “Happy Mother’s Day Dad”.

I had learned from Mum to play both parenting roles.

I thanked my mum Sunday by reminding her how much I loved the Mother’s Day golf day we shared together when I was 15.

Mum put up with a lot. I’m sure the temporary skate park in the backyard was among her favourite times. 

I’m sure she loved when I made a fake number plate for her with a less than pleasant word. 

I’m certain she loved the day she rocked up to work to find me and my mates had put ornaments in her work bag in place of her lunch whilst she wasn’t looking, oops.

Anyway, she still loves me, I love her and I am thankful for all she has taught me.

Kids, be nice to your mum!