Wayback, Boston win big

Port Lincoln netball


Wayback def Imperials 64-29

IMPERIALS were searching for their first win in the A grade competition but taking on the experience of a formidable Wayback team, the scales were not poised in their favour.

Imperials had the fortune of winning the first pass, however an immediate intercept by Wayback centre player Rushby and the quick conversion of goal by Curtis paved the way for the tone of the first quarter.

Imperials were able to claw back some valuable scoring opportunities via the drive of Reidy in wing defence, who combined well with Semmler on occasion, to keep Imperials’ score line ticking over.

However with Curtis only scoring two goals from her 16 attempts, Imperials found themselves well down at the quarter time break.

Imperials made changes to their defence line with Reidy, Francis and Glover swapping bibs, in an attempt to thwart the drive of Wayback.

This paid immediate dividends with Wayback restricted to only 12 goals for the quarter but with Imperials only finding the ring six times, the score differential was expanded.

Wayback’s slick movement of the ball transitioning from defence to attack was a highlight of this second quarter, and the skill of Curtis was continually on display.

Her ability to find space and timing with her goal partner Eatts was impressive to watch.

Leslie had also entered the court for Wayback this quarter and she immediately had further impact in Wayback’s ability to control the centre court.

With Imperials 15 goals down at the long break, the work was ahead of them, to not only prevent the scoring opportunities of Wayback but also to create some of their own.

Semmler and wing attack Thomson were working hard in centre court for Imperials and the link with Enge was consistent.

Enge was finding space and using her strong leads to at times lose the tight defence being applied.

Gray who had replaced Grenfell in goal keeper was making her presence felt with some classy rebounding and fancy footwork from the back court, and did not waste a pass.

Together with the clean skill of Wilkshire anything high was quickly pounced upon.

Wayback had saved their best to last to the last quarter, with an amazing 33 scoring chances.

Curtis’ conversion factor in the 80 per cent range resulted in a complete dominance by the premiership favourites.

While Glover in defence for Imperials continued her fine rebounding work, the opportunities were limited.

Mader’s defensive pressure that had been applied all day in wing defence was crowding Imperials’ attacking line, forcing ball delivery errors, and with Wayback’s centre court led by Orchard’s polished and efficient movement enabling precise decision making, there was little Imperials could do.

A final score of 64-29 was made possible by significant contribution by Curtis, Leslie and Eatts, while Imperials were well served by Semmler, Enge and Thomson.

Souths United def Wanilla 44-34

This game was set to be the match of the round.

Wanilla were without goaler Lauren Martinez and Jess Nielsen in defence so the defence line up was a new one with Kelly Taylor at goal keeper, Alice Griffin at goal defence and Amy Gutsche at wing defence. 

Wanilla had the first centre pass but were unable to score from it, giving Souths an early jump on them.  

Alice Griffin was very closely checking Jordan Bryant but she was unfazed and combined well with Vanessa Vlassco to give her team an early lead of two goals at the quarter-time break.

Teams remained unchanged heading into the second quarter.  

Souths’ defence of Hannah Barker and Kyesha Vlassco were putting the pressure on the Wanilla goalies forcing missed goals and skill errors to turn the ball over for their team to capitalise on.

The half time score was Souths 21-16.

Souths brought Emma Wilson on at wing defence with Wanilla swapping their goalers bringing Renae Lowe out to goal attack and Tanika Coombe back to goal shooter for the third quarter.

Souths’ defensive pressure really stepped up all over the court allowing their defenders to pounce on loose balls and pull in rebounds to give their goalers more scoring opportunities, which they were able to capitalise on.

Souths extended their lead to 11 goals at three-quarter time.

Wanilla made some positional changes for the last quarter with Leah Crettenden being rested, Renae Lowe moving to wing attack and Tara Pelham coming on into goal attack.

Wanilla's attack moved the ball well in the final quarter.

Tanika Coombe found her confidence shooting Wanilla's 11 goals for the quarter, winning them the quarter 11-10.

Final scores were Souths 44 to Wanilla 34.

Best players for Souths were Kyesha Vlassco and Jordan Bryant and for Wanilla Alice Griffin, Kelly Taylor and Amy Gutsche.

Boston def St Mary’s 62-24