Southern Eyre Hunt Club welcomes mums on Mother's Day

THE Southern Eyre Hunt Club Mother’s Day run at Winndie east of Wanilla was a brilliant day for riders and those watching them sail over the picturesque natural jumps from the car.

A big thank you to property owners Greg and Robyn Packer. Greg has put huge effort into preparing this run and takes time each hunt to direct the car followers to the best positions.

We also thank Billie Harrison, Port Lincoln Times editor, for taking the time to learn more about the Southern Eyre Hunt Club. We all appreciate your effort Billie. 

Twenty-two riders enjoyed the variety of natural jumps. Our five junior riders all completed the run feeling more confident and relaxed. 

The master Andrew Mills kept his field of riders entertained while Scott Davey on Striking Copper embraced the duties of field master.

Leon Hurrell was presented with his deputy master badge after travelling from Lock with his mother Claire visiting for the day. He rode Willy with his wife Karen, daughters Sarah and Kelsey all riding. 

The master surprised Sarah Hurrell after Stirrup Cup with horn blowing honours and she surprised him with a clear rendition.

Many mothers were guests and enjoyed the scenic drive through the hills. Favourable weather and happy horses and riders made for picture perfect scenes, many of which were captured by keen photographers Liz Dessart and mother and daughter, Lisa and Sasha Povey.

Geordie Trenowden rode Phoenix while her mother Judeane Dennis babysat baby Emersyn. 

Pearl Dessart started her day feeling very nervous but her pony Ruby settled to make a fun day while Shelley Yager rode strongly on DKoda.

Karen Milnes had a lively ride on Mojo while daughter Rochelle rode her trusty little Murphy. Karen’s mother Margaret Warren also attended, celebrating with a picnic lunch before the hunt.

President Tarnya Branson led her daughter Jordon on her pony Trix for the first half of the hunt. Jordon and Trix jumped their first jump together. For the first time since 2009, Tarnya with husband Troy, on Trix and Shan,  rode the second half of the hunt together.

Deb Henderson was aboard Midge and had a comfortable ride although a tad close to a post at one time! She looked dashing in her hunting pink. The master thought it apt she don a pink considering her debut hunt was in 1974.

Stella McGeever on Tom and Angie McGeever on Yap Yap  looked very experienced and enjoyed their day supported by parents Fiona and Shaun McGeever and grandmother Laurel Goddard.

Catherine Southern was looking more confident on her horse Phoenix and finished the day smiling. 

Hayley Norton riding King Bob and her mother Paula on Montana always enjoy their day. Hayley is a valuable support to other riders needing encouragement over jumps.

Two mothers were fined when outwitted by their cheeky steeds, Sheree Mills immediately after a jump and Geordie Trenowden directly prior a jump, biting the dust momentarily. Fortunately both were unharmed and back on in a flash.

Fundraising was a piece of cake on Sunday. While the deputy master was studying Winndie's geological features the master and his associate wheeled about and hid in thick bushes to watch the field cruise on past over the cap and negotiate a jump not yet taken by the master!

A vote decided Hurrell pay the fine and remaining field be excused.

See you all again this Saturday at Mary Edwards’ Eastview at Cleve.