Panthers beat Croppos to move up to top of ladder

Peter Southam and Martin Sheridan.
Peter Southam and Martin Sheridan.

Port Lincoln table tennis

Gladiators 20(66) def Lions 16(52)

Gladiators secured their second win of the season with a good win over Lions.

Lions started better with the top order coming out in front eight to four.

Lions were consistent with Jason Regan leading the charge while Gladiator Shane Stockham provided some resistance.

Gladiators turned things around in the middle order to level the scores, with Bill Broughton and Peter Southam impressive.

With the night on the line the bottom order for Gladiators steered their side to victory, overcoming a shaky first round of singles to win seven of the next nine matches.

Best: Gladiators: Bill Broughton, Peter Southam, Lance Barnett; Lions: Jason Regan, Ernie Bauer.

Panthers 23(69) def Croppos 13(56)

Panthers moved to the top of the ladder with a comprehensive win over Croppos.

The top order was even with wins shared at six apiece. Simon Strycharski won all three of his singles, while Dan Challinger won four of his five matches for Panthers.

Panthers jumped to the lead in the middle order, Ben Schillabeer again playing extremely well to win all his singles. Slav Kolega also played well.

Barry Hancock kept Croppos in touch but Panthers remained in the box seat.

The bottom order was all one way traffic for Panthers with 10 of the 12 matches falling their way to put the result beyond doubt and a healthy percentage boost to go with it.

Best: Panthers: Dan Challinger, Ben Schillabeer, Cheryl King; Croppos: Simon Strycharski, Barry Hancock.

Tigers 24(79) def Dodgers 12(47)

Tigers took advantage of a dominating top order with a strong win over Dodgers, who now sit bottom of the ladder.

Tigers almost put the result beyond doubt early. Joseph Harris won all of his matches, while Darren Atkins won two singles for Dodgers.

Dodgers fought back through the middle order but were unable to reduce the margin.

Business resumed as usual though in the bottom order with Tigers extending their lead to hand themselves a percentage boost, with Jayden Townsend winning four matches on senior debut.

Best: Tigers: Joseph Harris, Jayden Townsend; Dodgers: Bev Atkins, Peter Lee.

Jayden Townsend

Jayden Townsend