Tumby Bay Probus committee elected

THE Tumby Bay Combined Probus Club has elected a new committee for 2017 including president Kath Prime.

The club has welcomed new members Helena  Boylan, and Joy and Bill Swaffer who have transferred from the Cleve Probus Club.

The club hosted two interesting speakers at its last meeting.

Ross Powell took members into his woodwork world with a display of ships and ukuleles made from different wood, demonstrating how the type of wood used creates different sounds.

Anne Swaffer took members on a trip through Brazil, Argentina and Antarctic with its icebergs, pengiuns, seals and even a whale, then on to Peru and the history of the Inca and the amazing finds at Macchu Picchu ruins.

The club will host the combined picnic with the Port Lincoln Probus Clubs on Tuesday, May 23 at noon at the Senior Citizens Club Rooms, Tumby Terrace.

Another date for the calender is the combined Probus Rally on Tuesday, September 12 at Cleve.