Gymkhana supports Kimberly Harvey

Laughs abounded at the Sheoaks Gymkhana for Kimberly held on Sunday, April 30.

All the usual games were held plus extras like the coke race, which resulted in some record breaking belches after galloping back.

Bucks were stuck during the Rescue Relay and cheers were heard as a few picked themselves up from the dust, which fortunately was kept down by the rain the day before.

In early April, Kimberly Harvey went for a ride with a friend and had terrible fall that resulted in her being flown to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where she has remained in a coma ever since.

Her two young daughters are staying with family while husband John Harvey and mum Wendy Carr stay by her side. 

Friends back in Port Lincoln were feeling helpless so to do something positive they organised a day where they could raise money and have fun. 

Mrs Carr spoke at lunch about Mrs Harvey’s love of horses and her family.

She praised the first responders who were so prompt with her daughter’s care, thanked those who organised and helped on the day and blessed the businesses and people who had donated money and prizes.

Although the day was held at our property, it could not have happened without the massive help of my friends and family. 

You have to love Port Lincoln, every business, every person asked have gone over and above what was requested of them and it makes me so glad we live here.

The look on Kathryn Doudle’s face was priceless when she won the aerobatic flight and with assurances she could stay level and the right way up as she took off for a lap.

The shout went up and she braved a barrel roll going over our heads.

At the end of the day, smudged face-painted kids, fat ponies, game winners, exhausted barbecue cookers, proud parents and happy riders all drove out the gate smiling at a fun and happy day.