St Mary’s fight hard against Boston might

A GRADE: St Mary's' Lily McRostie looks to pass to Georgia Cash as Boston's Airlie Grant defends.

A GRADE: St Mary's' Lily McRostie looks to pass to Georgia Cash as Boston's Airlie Grant defends.

Boston def St Mary’s 62-24

St Mary’s came out firing in the first quarter against last year’s premiers, quickly opening their account and getting the first four goals of the game on the board with ease.

The more experienced Boston side took a little longer to settle and find their normal rhythm.

The first quarter saw some impeccable goal shooting by St Mary’s goal attack Georgia Cash and Boston shooter Fowler.

After a slow start to the quarter Boston had a four-goal lead at the end of the first quarter leading 13 goals to 9.

The second quarter saw the young St Mary’s team the same as the first however the Boston line up was adjusted.

Fowler back out in goal attack with Jodie Saunders taking the shooter’s role.

Newcomer Airlie Grant moved back into goal keeper and Bella Heron was moved out to try and put additional pressure on Cash out at goal attack.

The match-up of the day proved to be between Taylor for Boston and McRostie for St Mary’s who provided a fantastic show of strength and skill in the middle of the court all game.

The changes made by Boston saw them quickly capitalise on their four-goal lead, going into the main break leading St Mary’s, 28-14.

The most impressive part of the day was the amount of young talent on display.

Amelia Rusden moved into circle defence during the third and created a fantastic match-up to watch between her and Cash.

Marni Clark, Jessica Rose and Miriam Santic all fought hard to provide a tight defence on the opposition’s attacking players.

The pressure of Rusden and Grant in the ring proved quite skilful and there were many a turnover.

The fitness and focus of St Mary’s’ mid court meant Clark in goal defence, Santic in wing defence and McRostie applied plenty of pressure and managed turnovers to try and give their goalers opportunities to capitalise. However they were unable to match the strength and determination of Boston, who continued to push the ball back into their attack line and convert.

They led at the end of the third 40-19.

The fourth quarter showed Saunders as a focal target back in goal shooter. With the support of Smith, Fowler and Taylor all feeding her she shot 18 of the final quarter’s 22 goals.

It was an uphill battle for the young St Mary’s team but they fought hard until the end and showed plenty of grit and determination.

Best: Boston: Grant, Fowler and Rusden; St Mary’s: McRostie, Cash and Clark.