Boston Island adventures for Lincoln orienteers

Boston Island was transformed into an orienteering adventureland on Sunday, May 7.

Sylvia and Phil Dansie, ably supported by clerical staff of Beth Hammond and Mike Stockdale, succeeded in the major logistical exercise of organising an orienteering event on the island.

Two boatloads of adventurers were transported to the island in ideal sea conditions.

Island owner Peter Davis welcomed all to the island and provided the next adventure - a tractor trailer ride to the assembly area.

Event course organisers gave the 70 participants an opportunity to explore the island by having a score event.

They strategically placed 48 controls over a large portion of the Island’s terrain.

Each control had score points, ranging from five to 40 points depending on the distance from the start and difficulty to find.

Participants had the option to choose 60, 90, or 120 minutes to find as many of these controls, in any order, in that time.

However they were penalized five points for each minute that they were late back.

This ensured they planned their route carefully to be back in time.

With cool weather conditions, many opted for the two-hour event.

To find maximum controls in that time demanded route choice planning skills of a high order to  maximise points gained while reducing distance and climb.

Those who achieved highest scores covered 12 to 14 kilometres in the two hours.

Tim Ashman found 46 of the 48 controls, an outstanding effort, with Sam Stevens and Tim Klau close behind.

Notable physical achievements included Alison and Lynne Hoopmann and Elodie Nohlmans gaining 375 points in two hours.

In the one-hour event Elise Clem’s 345 points and Meg and Mim Stevens’ 375 points awed the competition.

Once again a highlight was the streamer course, with a never-ending stream of children, in groups and individually, trying to beat their competitors’ and their own times, entertaining the assembly area with a continuous stream of excited shrieks that echoed down the valley.

Orienteer of the Day Award goes to Austin Clem.

Austin went solo on three courses; he came second in the one-hour individual, third in the one-hour individual by going on a second run in a different direction, first in the streamer course individual in a fast time of 7.36 minutes.

With plenty of time available, many people took the opportunity to complete at least two courses.

Others wandering off on a leisurely sightseeing walk to the nether parts of the island.

A highlight was the sighting of the rarely sighted western yellow robin, one of which paid several visits to the vicinity of the assembly area, posing for photos in its bright yellow waistcoat with white collar.

Thanks to Sylvia and Phil Dansie, Beth Hammond and Mike Stockdale for providing a day of orienteering adventures.

After many, many years of selfless support for orienteers, a huge thanks goes to Peter Davis for his hospitality and time.

Thanks also to Adventure Bay Charters’ Matt Waller and crew for giving up their Sunday to provide transport.

The next orienteering event will be this Saturday, May 20 at the Port Lincoln Golf Course.

This will be a night event so a good torch is essential. Start anytime between 6pm and 7pm.

As always, newcomers are welcome to give it a go.

For further details visit the Lincoln Orienteers website