A view of ‘Lincoln’ through fresh eyes

Kidding around

HEY there and thanks for taking the time to read my article. Well the first and second line of it at least. I'm Ben and I'm very new to your beautiful town. 

The wife and I moved here, from Adelaide, at the start of May so it's been a busy couple of weeks. In fact at the time of writing this I've only managed to go fishing nine times and visit three of your six pubs. Or are there seven pubs in Lincoln?

That's what I mean - I've moved a long way to a new town I know jack about, which is exactly how I first pitched the idea for this article to the Lincoln Times. Or 'The LT' as I'm going to now call it. What I know about Port Lincoln I've learnt since I got here. Stuff you guys probably grew up with, I'm seeing for the very first time. Most of it has been recommended to me by my old mate Google Maps but no one knows a place better than its locals. That's the other thing, before moving here I didn't know anyone. I've met some nice people but I don't know anyone and that's something I hope to fix, which is why I'm inviting you all to let me know what’s good.

Local businesses? Nice campsites? Who's taking the boat out? Which footy team should I follow? What's on this weekend? Treat it like you had a mate or cousin or someone staying in Lincoln with you, what would you tell them to go check out?

A good mate of mine is heading off overseas so I'm sitting in the front exit row of a twin prop Saab 340 – $155 Port Lincoln to Adelaide, Rex airlines for the win. Looking out over the bay as we reach cruise altitude really lets you know just how stunning our coastline is. I’m keeping an eye out for fishing spots and where the dirt roads that lead to them are situated. No boat so it's all land based these days and big sandy patches are what I'm after.

If anyone reading this has never flown out of Lincoln airport, it is something I'd recommend. Seeing the bay from the sky is something else. I'm only away for the night but already I can't wait to get back. I've only been in Port Lincoln - sorry no one says the 'Port' it's just 'Lincoln' - a few weeks but already it feels like home. Housing affordability and job opportunities mean we can set up our lives here, finally start planning for our future. Lincoln, thank you for being so welcoming, thank you for being so beautiful and thank you for continuing to surprise me. I look forward to seeing everything you have to offer.