Lock puts up a fight

Great Flinders football

United Yeelanna 13-17 (95) def Lock 6-11 (47)

UNITED Yeelanna Eagles came away with a hard fought 48-point win over a plucky Lock Roos side that had 11 under 21-year-olds, which augurs well for the Lock A grade side into the future.

The Roos showed glimpses of their best with run and carry but early missed shots on goal unfortunately cost them and they should have put scoreboard pressure on the Eagles.

United Yeelanna’s pressure on the Lock ball carriers was causing them to rush shots on goal.

Eagles on the other hand eventually got going and when Kade Dufek snapped a classic rover’s goal from the pocket it delighted the Eagles crowd.

The classy Luke Northcott responded with a goal and Lock were up for the challenge.

United Yeelanna’s ball movement was scrappy and when Aaron Lawrie managed to grab a mark he kicked another for the Eagles.

As light rain fell over Karkoo Oval it made clean football hard to get. It was going to be a real struggle with a greasy football but the elusive Matt Coombs snapped a rover’s goal and then he was again rewarded for his efforts with another goal.

It was a very entertaining first quarter of football with goal scoring becoming hard with the rain and wind. Eagles 4-4 to Lock 1-3.

Eagles’ pressure and field kicking was a treat to watch as goals came from some hard gut running. Aaron Lawrie, Matt Coombs and Aaron Watson all kicked goals and took the game away from Lock.

Xavier Watson, Matt Dyer, Adam Murnane and Lenard Lawrie were instrumental and turned up the midfield and backlines pressure.

Lock’s Lachlan Heath, Luke Northcott, Cain Reynolds and Guy Morton needed more team-mates to get involved as they battled hard against a very experienced midfield.

Eagles’ big men Aaron Lawrie, Matthew Crettenden, Stephen Crettenden and ruckman Jaxen Norton all dominated the air and continually gave the Eagles’ small forwards first use of the ball.

Jack Crettenden, Lenard Lawrie and Ben Carr were playing inspired football down back, along with Sam Glover who was winning his fair share of the football.

Eagles turned up the tackling pressure on Lock with Adam Murnane and Matt Dyer hitting in hard, causing numerous turnovers. Half time, Eagles 8-9 to Lock 2-4.

Rain fell at half time and the skills were always going to be tested but Xavier Watson and Matt Dyer showed real class and delivered the ball numerous times to their Eagles’ team-mates.

This allowed Matthew Crettenden and Xavier Watson to kick goals and when Aaron Lawrie kicked another one it was how far the Eagles.

Lock never gave in and showed glimpses of great footy but could not sustain it with the pressure the Eagles applied.

Lock’s Brett Northcott and Harry Wright were having great games and certainly did not look out of place as they matched it with their more senior opponents. Eagles 11-13 to Lock 4-7

Lock scored two goals in the last quarter as did the Eagles and while Eagles’ coach Scott Clark was happy to get the win in the wet and windy conditions he was not particularly happy with how his team went about it at times.

Lock’s veteran coach Andy Hetzel managed to kick a goal and he certainly never gave up trying but unfortunately the experience and taller bodies of the Eagles players won over in the end.

Lock’s best players: Lachlan Heath, Guy Morton, Cain Reynolds, Harry Wright, and Cain Reynolds.

Eagles best players: Matt Dyer, Xavier Watson, Matt Coombs, Adam Murnane, and Lenard Lawrie.

Times scribe best on ground: Adam Murnane, 1,  Xavier Watson, 2, Matt Dyer, 3.

RAMBLERS: Jesse Rule prepares to kick in the Ramblers match against Cummins Kapinnie. Picture: Lisa Warner

RAMBLERS: Jesse Rule prepares to kick in the Ramblers match against Cummins Kapinnie. Picture: Lisa Warner

Cummins Kapinnie 2-7 (19) vs Ramblers 6-12 (48)

The game began with a westerly wind blowing across the Cummins Oval not really favouring either end of the ground.

The first five minutes was scrappy as both sides were trying to assert their authority over the game and while Ramblers were the first to bring the ball inside their 50 metres it was Cummins Kapinnie who scored the first goal, kicked by Zeb Kenny.

This was backed up within minutes by another by Trent Anderson.

Light rain started coupled with a 25-kilometre an hour wind making ball handling challenging and disposal poor.

Cummins Kapinnie seemed to have the ball in their forward line most of the time until about the 18-minute mark when Kit Williams goaled for Ramblers on only their second time inside 50m for the game.

The rain had cleared and Ramblers seemed to be playing better with the ball being down their end for most of the remainder of the quarter however their efforts only resulted in a couple of points.

The score at quarter time was Cummins Kapinnie 2-2 to Ramblers 1-2.

As the second quarter started the wind had quietened down and rain had cleared and play opened up a little.

Ramblers scored a goal early through Kit Williams.

For the next while neither side seemed to gain the ascendancy with the scores remaining equal.

Clint Ackland was yellow carded for making contact high on George Pedler putting him on the sidelines and Ramblers responded soon after with a goal from Shaun Fitzgerald putting them in front for the first time.

Both teams had been controlling the play at times however Ramblers were finishing their efforts off with more goals and when Dylan Wandner limped off to the bench, meaning Cummins Kapinnie had two talls in Ackland and Wandner on the sideline, Ramblers looked set to advance and would have if they had not squandered a set shot at goal just before half time.

Half time scores saw Cummins Kapinnie 2-6 to Ramblers 3-7.

Levi Konitza and Zeb Kenny were playing well for Cougars and Kit Williams and Wes Bilney for the Magpies.

At the start of the third quarter Ackland was back on the ground and Cummins Kapinnie looked better balanced and were pushing forward early but still unable to convert and were lucky not to have the lead extended when Williams missed an easy opportunity for Ramblers.

As the quarter progressed the ball spent a good deal of time in Ramblers’ forward line with credit going to the Cummins Kapinnie backmen for hanging on, with many of their efforts to clear the ball thwarted in the midfield by Wes Bilney, Rob Shirley and Pedler.

Ramblers’ backline too deserves a mention as they let nothing through, with a particular mention to Scott Blacker who cleverly seemed to switch the ball at all their turnovers setting up Ramblers for the next push forward.

Three-quarter time scores were Cummins Kapinnie 2-7 to Ramblers 3-8, only one point kicked by Ramblers for the quarter.

While Ramblers seemed to have more momentum they had not managed to break free on the scoreboard leading only by seven points at the end of the third quarter.

A shower of rain at the start of the last quarter set the scene for another quarter of congested play with few kicks finding their targets however Ramblers goaled at the halfway mark through Williams, increasing their lead to 15 points.

This was an ominous sign for Cummins Kapinnie who needed to kick three goals in the next 15 minutes on a day where scoring opportunities were hard to come by.

Kit Williams then followed up with another goal within a few minutes which killed any flicker of hope Cummins Kapinnie may have had.

The Cougar boys tried valiantly however a wet ball and tired legs were taking their toll and they were unable to score goals on the few occasions they moved the ball forward.

Ramblers’ backline held very well, with the conditions in their favour, and turned one over again late in the game to result in another goal for Kit Williams, his third for the quarter and fifth for the day.

The final score was Cummins Kapinnie 2-7 (19) to Ramblers 6-12 (48).

Better players for the Magpies were Kit Williams, Wes Bilney and Rob Shirley.

Levi Konitzka was a standout for Cougars with his high jumping and hard tackling, and Boyd West and Kieren Stephens were commendable.