Wayback win by 50

WRAPPED: Wayback's Tristan Fennel puts the tackle on Boston's Marcus Ellis.
WRAPPED: Wayback's Tristan Fennel puts the tackle on Boston's Marcus Ellis.

Wayback 13-11 (89) def Boston 6-3 (39)

Wayback have made it two on the trot with a 50-point win against Boston at Poole Oval on Saturday.

In wet conditions Wayback got the jump early with Jonty Seal emerging as the prime forward target, kicking the first two goals in the opening minutes.

Shaun Maxfield went after the contested football and would help drive Wayback forward throughout the match. 

A seven goal first quarter, including four from Seal would set up Wayback for the rest of the game, Boston managed three goals of their own to trail by 25-points at quarter time.

It was a scrappy second quarter as the two teams fought for the footy. Maxfield continued to star in the midfield to set up inside 50s while Dene Rodd was everywhere seeking the football.

Ben Leahy was a sure mark for Boston as he helped drive the Tigers forward while Willy Woldt pursued the football across the oval. However any drive forward was repelled by the Wayback defence with young Ian Jericho a standout on the half back flank.

Wayback managed just two goals from seven scoring opportunities while Boston could only get one behind as the Demons went into half time with a comfortable 41-point lead.

A heavy downpour during the break made things even more challenging as it became more difficult to keep a hold of the ball.

Boston went on the attack early but Wayback had the numbers around the contests as play became very congested.

After some back and forth play Boston got the first goal of the quarter through Dan King, who had just played in the Tigers’ winning reserves side.

However Wayback were soon back in the swing of things, S. Maxfield continued to pursue possessions and set up inside 50s and three goals including a fifth for Seal, gave Wayback a 46-point lead.

Boston would not lay down and many of its younger players were rising to the challenge.

Mitchell Wilson had a great game at half back, not making it easy for the Wayback defence, while Mitchell Garrett read the play well and showed great ball handling skills.

More rain fell in the fourth quarter as play became more scrappy and congested.

Wayback had five scoring shots this quarter but good defensive pressure from Boston kept them to just one goal, a sixth for Seal. Boston only managed one themselves from King as Wayback won the day by 50 points.

With his contested possessions, great attack of the footy and two goals S. Maxfield was the standout for Wayback while Boston’s Leahy starred with his marking ability, sure kicking and great ball movement.