Rangers run away with 92-point win

Marble Range vs Boston

Once the ice had melted off the oval out at the Gary, Marble Range made the most of the home ground advantage, celebrating a 92-point win. 

Marble Range came out of the gates with gusto handling well and keeping it in their forward lines for the majority of the quarter which saw them set up a 34-point lead.

Contributions from Calderwood, Goerge and Schrieber set up the quarter for Rangers.

A concern for the Rangers was the loss of power house Blaze Kay who was an early injury. 

Boston came out of the quarter time huddle refreshed and focused adding five straight goals while Rangers could only manage six straight points, reducing the margin to 10.

Reece Francis left nothing to the imagination when addressing his boys during half time expecting them to refocus for the second half.

Marble Range did just that, they rediscovered their passion for the ball and dominated the second half with Pilgrim, Olds and Francis setting up goals and winning from the centre.

By three-quarter time Rangers had taken the lead out to 44 points, with Keeley seemingly unable to miss the big sticks.

Rangers went on to dominate the final quarter the scoreboard showing Rangers’ 92-point win.

A lot can be said for the young Boston team with the second quarter showing the potential of a side that has 15 players under 21.

Tasman vs Lincoln South

FIFTH placed Tasman came up against Souths who were in third spot but Tasman sprang to the lead in the last quarter to win.

Both sides were under pressure, Tasman coming off the back of thrashing and Souths’ fighting to stay among the top three.

Tasman were bolstered by the return of senior players none more so than coach Carl Semmler who missed the first four games. Unfortunately for Tasman his presence on the ground lasted all of five minutes with a split finger.

Levi McDonald for South was damaging but Kelsh, Scharfe and Coulter produced plenty of touches to the Rooster youngsters, Brown, Collins and James.

The second quarter saw Eagles ramp up the pressure no doubt in response to a chat from coach Evans.

Pat Browne got more involved as did Jamie Doudle, and McDonald plus glimpses of Neale pushed the Eagles forward whilst Tasman couldn’t kick straight.

At half time lead, Tasman 4-8- 32 to Souths 3-6- 24.

Several inclusions in the Tasman side were struggling for match fitness and Souths were starting to dominate possession.

Souths got on top in the third stanza to lead 4-1 to 4-9 and it looked like they would run away with the game from there but footy is a funny game and the last quarter saw Wagner and Tansell get into the game as Perry, Reinke, Frost and Brown tightened up defensively.

The Rooster faithful were up and about to see their team bang on five goals to run out victors 9-11- 65 to 6-13- 49.