Winter Hill nbn improved

THE interference issues experienced by those connected to nbn co’s Winter Hill fixed wireless tower should be a thing of the past with nbn co announcing last week the issues have been fixed.

Nbn co corporate affairs manager Jill Bottrall said the company was pleased to announce the interference issues experienced over the past 16 months had been resolved. 

She said the site was also now capable of serving all 540 premises within its footprint, which meant an extra 234 premises had been given full access to the nbn.

“This will be of huge interest to those who have been watching and waiting for a resolution at this site,” Ms Bottrall said. 

She said nbn’s fixed wireless service was designed to provide access to wholesale speeds of up to 50 megabits per second download and 20Mbps upload.

Greg Williams from the Lincoln Computer Centre said the remedial work done by nbn co to fix the tower had improved the service to those already connected, particularly for residents to the north of Winter Hill but speeds “don’t get close enough” to what customers were promised.

“Others in the area who aren’t already connected are delighted that they can now order a connection,” he said.

“Some have already applied for a connection and those will be installed in the coming weeks.”

Mr Williams said internet speeds were “generally better” and the work to fix the tower was great and exciting for residents who could now connect but there were still congestion issues, particularly at night.

He said he was irritated the speeds people were getting were nowhere near what was being advertised. 

“The reason people don’t complain is firstly because of the runaround where people are told to contact their service provider if they’re having problems and then their service provider tells them to contact the nbn.”

“The other reason people aren’t complaining is that the speeds they are getting are better than what they had before even if they’re not what they are paying for.”