Win streak continues

Port Lincoln netball

Souths United lost to Wayback 42-61

Souths were in for a tough game against a well-tuned and undefeated Wayback.

Souths started strongly by turning over the first pass and scoring the first few goals but Wayback quickly turned that around with consistent defensive pressure all over court.

Souths made unforced passing errors which Wayback quickly capitalised on and converted to goals.

Wayback’s goalies Mikaela Eatts and Ilka Curtis were finding their rhythm as Souths ring defenders Hannah Barker and Kyesha Vlassco increased pressure to minimise Wayback’s opportunity to score.

Souths goalies Vanessa Vlassco and Jordyn Bryant were getting plenty of the ball from midcourters Lily Matena and McKenna Reidy who were moving the ball down court quickly.

Wayback defenders Sophie Wilkshire, Casey Grenfell and Caitlin Mader were getting plenty of taps and turning the ball over for Wayback.

Wayback led by five goals at the first break.

Teams remained unchanged for the second quarter and Souths’ Emma Wilson had her work cut out for her as Wayback’s Ruby Orchard used her speed and agility to drive onto the Wayback’s ring.

Bek Leslie worked nicely with Orchard and they moved the ball quickly down court as Souths tried to slow the game down.

Souths’ goalies shot well in the second quarter but were outscored by four goals which saw Wayback up by nine goals at half time.

Souths rested defender Barker and bought on Kesby Turner-Wiebreck to wing defence, Wilson  to goal defence and Kyesha Vlassco to goal keeper.

Wayback rested Wilkshire and bought on Yasmin Stewart to goal defence.

Wayback dominated in the third quarter as a result of their superior fitness and well-drilled team moves down court and outscored Souths by six goals.

Goalies Curtis and Eatts exerted their authority on the game as they took their team to a 15-goal lead at the third break. 

Wayback brought Wilkshire back on and Leslie left the court part way through the final quarter due to injury and was replaced by Charlotte Rushby.

Souths brought Barker back on, Wilson back to wing defence and Kyesha Vlassco back to goal defence.

This combination paid off and Souths were able to keep this quarter to a four-goal difference.

Both teams played well contested netball and the score does not reflect the intensity of the game.

Both teams were in shooting well, intercepting and rebounding well but Souths made more unforced errors than Wayback.

Wayback are a  fit and well-drilled team, which showed on court. They ran out winners by 19 goals.

GRAB: Imperials' Josie Francis leaps for a pass in the match against Boston.

GRAB: Imperials' Josie Francis leaps for a pass in the match against Boston.

Boston def Imperials 58-31

In perfect weather conditions Boston took on Imperials in a game where some fantastic skill and agility were on display.

Boston were still missing key defender Holman and had made some adjustments to their defensive line up since these two teams last met and Nielsen also took the wing attack position.

But it was Imperials that headed out with a changed combination in attack and this proved to be a master stroke.

The first quarter saw strong interceptions through Imperials Reidy at goal defence and Glover in goal keeper.

These two combined well with the support of Francis in wing defence who managed to provide a few turnovers early giving Imperials the early lead.

The experienced Boston side eventually settled and Saunders in goal attack and Fowler at goal shooter started to combine well with centre court Taylor and Nielsen.

Young Rusden in goal defence was in direct oppostion to Imperials captain Semmler and this on court battle was enjoyable for the spectators to watch.

The quarter ended with Boston’s 12 goals to 8.

Neither team made any changes coming in the second quarter.

Semmler was creating lots of space and drive into the ring for the Imperials team and was being fed well by her centre court players Thomson and Roberts.

This combination of height and speed between these two girls was proving to be a good one with Roberts especially tough in the air.

Her direct opponent Heron however was proving valuable with her almost matching inches with this battle normally being fought in the goal ring.

Scoring opportunities were plentiful for both sides this quarter with the transition from defence to attack fast and furious, with Taylor continuing to lead the way for Boston.

A 10-goal lead to Boston at the long break was not indicative of the general closeness in match play of this game, and Boston looked to their bench, bringing on Smith to provide fresh legs.

Boston also swapped goalies, while Imperials remained unchanged.

The freeflowing style of the previous quarter was brought to an abrupt end with both teams stepping up their defensive game.

Reidy and Glover continued to pounce on anything loose, while Grant and Rusden for Boston were showing great composure.

The lowest scoring quarter for the game with Boston only outscoring Imperials by two, was testament to the great defence also throughout the centre court, with Thomson and Taylor working hard to prevent drive to the circle.

Going into the the last quarter however, Boston held a commanding 12-goal lead and the work was ahead of Imperials but this quarter was all about Boston.

With a complete momentum change, Boston took contol from the first whistle.

Taylor’s strength in centre combined as well as it could have with Smith and Fowler to create plenty of opportunities to feed Saunders under the post to help capitalise on the scoreboard for the Tigers.

Reidy and Glover were still combining well and trying to shut down the feeds however this was starting to prove quite a hard task.

With Imperials also shut down in attack, their pathway to goal was limited and Boston ran away in the final quarter.

Boston’s best were Rusden and Fowler while for Imperials the combined defence of Reidy and Glover worked hard all day.

Wanilla def St Mary's 71-11

Some perfect netball conditions were set for a game that was always going to be a tough ask for the young, inexperienced St Mary's team against the more experienced Wanilla side. 

Renae Lowe started in goals with Lauren Martinez, while Tanika Coombe was rested for the first half.  

St Mary's kept with Wanilla for the opening minutes of the quarter with some good defensive pressure. 

Wanilla's attack line combined well, with Ellie Cooper providing some great drive and some fast passing between her and Lauren Martinez who was able to capitalise for her team. 

Quarter time score was Wanilla 16 to St Mary's 3.

Wanilla continued to dominate in the second quarter, smothering pressure from Wanilla all over the court causing many turnovers through the mid court.

Martinez continued her accurate shooting with Lowe providing some great passes to assist.

Half time score was Wanilla 34 to St Mary's 7. 

Positional changes were made by both teams at half time.

Marni Clarke moved back to goal keeper, Lily Mcrostie into to centre and Karen Thring into goal shooter for St Mary's while Wanilla rested Leah Crettenden bringing Tanika Coombe into goals and Martinez out to wing attack, who had been their main goal scorer.

Lily McRostie helped St Mary's to penetrate Wanilla's defence and Karen Thring shot accurately when she was presented with the opportunity.  

Renae Lowe and Tanika Coombe combined well in goals converting from most of their opportunities and applying defensive pressure to force the turnover on the occasion they missed.  

Teams remained unchanged for the final quarter.

Alice Griffin worked tirelessly for Wanilla at goal defence putting her opponent under immense pressure whenever she attacked the ball.

St Mary's continued to fight until the final whistle in a one-sided game played in good netball spirit.

Best for Wanilla were Lauren Martinez and Ellie Cooper and for St Mary's, Karen Thring and Marni Clarke.