Concerns about burn restrictions in Tumby

A Tumby Bay resident has raised concerns about needing a permit to burn plant waste under restrictions enforced by the Tumby Bay District Council from July 1.

BACK YARD: Quentin Russ next to his fire pit in his backyard at Tumby Bay.

BACK YARD: Quentin Russ next to his fire pit in his backyard at Tumby Bay.

Under the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016, those living in metropolitan and township areas can only burn in their backyards if it is for cooking, with appropriate fuel, or heating, with charcoal only.

Fires for fire prevention or getting rid of plant waste will require a permit.

The restrictions are aimed at improving air quality and minimising the impact of smoke in populated areas.

Tumby Bay CFS deputy group officer Quentin Russ said it was important to improve air quality and to prevent the burning of items including rubbish and treated wood but restricting people from getting their yards prepared for fire danger season was “a bit more draconian”.

He said from his experience he knew on any bad fire day even town properties were not safe as fires could spread through embers.

“Just because you live in town doesn’t mean it’s safe on a bad fire day, everyone needs to be able to clean up,” he said.

Mr Russ said it would also be a hassle for people to go and get charcoal to burn for warmth when they traditionally burned clean wood.

Those living outside of townships can continue to burn as normal, but must comply with their relevant CFS Code of Practice. 


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