Marina Drive closure not off the table | Editorial

The move to rezone more land in the marina area for residential development down the track is unlikely to attract a lot of opposition.

It makes a lot more sense to have housing on the land rather than a golf course, which is what it is zoned for, particularly since the city already has one golf course and a proposal for another in the Lukin development just to the south of the marina.

The Lincoln Cove Expansion Development Plan Amendment (DPA) released last week for consultation seems fairly straight forward.

However the developer’s plan to cut the main entrance road into the marina, Marina Drive, to allow the waterway to flow through to new waterfront blocks may not be so readily received.

This closure does not form part of the Development Plan Amendment but it is part of Lincoln Lakes Development Company’s longer-term plan for the marina.

The Port Lincoln City Council approved the closure of Marina Drive in 2010 – after twice knocking back previous proposals – but the approval was withdrawn in November last year due to the amount of time since the initial advertisement of the proposal.

The council revoked its provisional consent for the closure after advice from the Surveyor General.

Councillors decided to revisit the matter if, and when, an alternate access route was substantially advanced.

If Lincoln Lakes Development Company still plans to go ahead with the alternative access, as it seems to, the process, including the community consultation phase, will have to start again and it certainly was not a simple process.

Concerns raised at the time included traffic mix and volumes on the only access road into the marina, a significant increase in traffic volume on a section of St Andrews Drive with substandard alignment, mixing of commercial and recreational boats in the north basin, and the extra travel distance to and from the marina.

The company had to rejig the plan twice after it was first presented to the council in 2008 and in the end the council gave its support on the condition that a suitable alternative road was opened first.

Despite this, any future council support is far from a given, particularly with a different group of councillors making the decision, but whatever the outcome it will still be a long way off with the DPA the priority at the moment.