A surprise win puts Dodgers in touch

Port Lincoln table tennis

Tigers 21(67) def Gladiators 15(63)

GLADIATORS suffered their first loss of the season, going down to Tigers but remaining one game clear on top of the ladder.

Tigers top order had their team off to a perfect start with a convincing performance to lead by four.

Joseph Harris was again the leader for Tigers and played particularly well to defeat Shane Stockham in straight sets.

Mike Van Doorn’s recent return to table tennis continued to gain momentum with two wins of his own.

As had been their strength all year, Gladiators hit back through the middle order to level the scores.

Joe Perone was again unstoppable with Bill Broughton and Lance Barnett providing able assistance.

With the bottom order to decide the night, Tigers stormed home, winning the final matches of the night nine to three.

Jayden Townsend, Wayde Heidenreich and Ralph Sandford all won two singles and two doubles.

Several five set losses hurt Gladiators chances down the stretch.

Best for Tigers were Joseph Harris, Jayden Townsend, Wayde Heidenrich and Ralph Sandford. Best for Gladiators were Joe Perone and Shane Stockham.

Dodgers 20(68) def Panthers 16(60)

In a surprise result, Dodgers recorded their second win for the season and in the process moved them within reach of the top four.

The top order was split evenly, with neither side able to take an advantage.

Daniel Challinger was the best performer for Panthers to keep his team on level terms.

Dodgers made their move through the middle order to open up a lead of four, with Fiona Rosalia having her best night of the year so far to win all of her matches, with able resistance shown by Panthers’ Slav Kolega with two wins of his own.

Dodgers bottom order has been their strength in recent weeks and in a tight contest did enough to hold Panthers at bay, despite Cheryl King’s best efforts, to secure some important points as they near the halfway stage of the season.

Best for Dodgers were Fiona Rosalia and Bev Atkins. Best for Panthers were Daniel Challinger and Cheryl King.

Lions 21(64) def Croppos 15(51)

Lions have found form in recent weeks and have now found themselves in third position on the ladder, defeating bottom side Croppos.

Croppos started the better of the two sides with their top order taking an advantage of two.

Lions’ Jason Regan did his best to limit the damage to win all of his singles matches.

Lions reversed the scores to level things up through the middle order with Ben Schillabeer and Martin Sheridan both performing particularly well.

Veteran Barry Hancock continues to defy his years with another solid performance for Croppos.

With the scores level and only the bottom order to play, the result was anyone’s guess but Lions quickly changed that as they dominated the final matches to put the result beyond doubt and build some handy percentage.

Best for Lions was Jason Regan. Best for Croppos was Alex Hale.